Almost two years passed with Figma. Why should you check it out?

Recently, more than a hundred new plugins for Figma have appeared. This is excellent proof that the project is growing rapidly and in the coming years can dethrone such powers as Adobe or Sketch, which is liked by many.

With us, Figma has become number one and we will certainly not give it up because it significantly affected the comfort of the group's work. So far, when preparing graphic designs for clients, we have used Adobe programs: Photoshop, Illustrator or, alternatively, Sketch.

Each of them offered something good, but when they are used by various specialists who are responsible for the final shape of the project, and the file needs to be copied, moved and resized many times, the problems begin to accumulate. Everyone who works even at a small design agency knows this.

Figma sells itself - you don't have to advertise it

That is why, less than 2 years ago, we reached for Figma, which at that time was not such an extensive tool as it is today, and we completely disappeared. Of course, in the first months of work, the big advantage was that the developers of the program made it available for free.

Later, the extended version for teams already required a fee, but adding up the balance of profits and losses, and deducting the costs of maintaining the tools we used less often, the situation was sensational.

Today, everyone in our agency works and designs in Figma, and the latest plugins and announcements of subsequent ones are confirmation for us that this state of affairs will not change for a long time. Why? Finally, there is a tool that solved some of our ills.

Figma reduces errors in files almost to zero

For those who do not know Figma, very important information is that you can work on it online. It is a program that you can easily open in any operating system and browser, and moreover, with a direct view of the current state of the project and current changes.

What is the conclusion? We do not send each version - the one we see is the current result of our joint work. Hence, there is no question of bugs or upgrading the project on the wrong version. Iteration is carried out step by step and you do not have to, as in Photoshop, send projects, change file formats and use additional plugins or the cloud, as in Sketch.

This significantly reduces hourly losses - it saves a lot of time, and thus money.

Brilliant feedback

If we are talking about the work of the entire team, in which some designers are responsible for specific elements of the project, it's time to talk about how Figma facilitates cooperation between them and the person coordinating the whole.

The comment system built into Figma gives you a quick opportunity to add opinions and suggestions regarding a specific element in the project. This means that you no longer need to describe it from the layout - just click the indicated fragment and add a comment. The function is simple and clear, because you know what the attention is about. It also saves a lot of time and reduces errors in communication between employees.

The whole team in one place

Several projects at one time and a team of several people is a real challenge for the entire agency. Figma helped tame us a lot of work and sort out what seemed to be natural chaos.

All files are available to the entire team at the same time and depending on the priorities and free resources, you can jump between them in real time. And all without additional programs.

Presentation to the client - we give him a preview

This is one of the unique things, but thanks to Figma we sometimes provide the client with a preview version. The more that we are an interactive agency, working remotely, so driving around Poland or sending parts of the project by e-mail is not the most convenient option for us.

Online work helps to share exactly what we want to present to the client before the project takes its final shape. This allows additional comments and consultations, and the client can follow the mouse cursor and specify his expectations during the presentation.

Interestingly, you do not need to set up an account on Figma for such a view, and even if someone does not have it, they can easily see exactly what you care about. It really streamlines the decision-making process.

Several versions available with one click

All previous changes made to the project are gathered under one link. By clicking between them, you get a very precise path of change that systematizes progress so far in project development.

What does it mean? When you enter a specific link with the project, you can familiarize yourself with each of its elements from the first page view to the final version, which is presented to the client.

To better illustrate this, imagine that one Figma link is an analogue of a Google document. If you go into his story, you can see how it changed and when.

This function works without the need for other tools or exporting to other types of files - everything is available in one place. As a result, both designers and clients have a fair view of the changes that have taken place in the order.

These are not all the advantages of this program, but I will leave their description for the next texts.

Almost two years passed with Figma. Why should you check it out?


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