A USB memory with write speed of up to 200MB / s and an air purifier without spare parts. Two new products that Xiaomi has put up for sale on Youpin

Through Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform, we can find an endless number of products that generally maintain a very good quality / price ratio similar to Xiaomi's own products. Whether they are smart home devices, accessories for our smartphone and so, a long etcetera, in Youpin we will always find a new interesting product.

This is the new IQUNIX USB memory capable of reaching a write speed of up to 200MB / s or the new CleanFly air purifier that does not need to make use of new spare parts for life. Two interesting products already available for sale on the Xiaomi platform that we will detail:

IQUNIX Aomr2 Metal, capable of writing at a speed of 200MB / s

First we find a new memory manufactured by IQUNIX whose name is Aomr2 Metal . A denomination really difficult to pronounce but instead offers a write speed of up to 200MB / s and a read speed of up to 420MB / s .

Its size is 70x12x10mm , it has a weight of 15 grams and its chassis is made of metal capable of guaranteeing great resistance against bumps and scratches . Its USB port is type 3.0, thus achieving its high write and read rate thanks to this type of connector and its internal memories produced by Samsung .

QUNIX Aomr2 Metal is available in various memory versions of 64, 128 and 256GB, starting at 25 euros for the first, 38 euros for the intermediate capacity model and 63 euros for the larger capacity model. As usual in this type of products, we will most likely see it for sale in the coming days through the main websites for sale from China.

A purifier that does not require spare parts for life

In addition to the USB stick, a new air purifier under the CleanFly brand has been put up for sale on Youpin. A new model that besides being silent does not require spare parts for life .

Specifically, its operation is lowered in a negative ion generator system, thus eliminating virtually any particle even if its size is PM0.1. With this we only need to clean your collector every so often and forget about replacing any other type of filter or spare parts for life.

Its sterilization rate of the environment is 99.9% , being especially effective against bacteria and allergens, in addition its noise does not exceed 12.1dB so it is ideal for our bedroom and its use while we sleep.

Its price is 345 euros , a pretty attractive price if we take into account that once in our home we will not worry about buying new spare parts.

Source | Youpin (1) , Youpin (2)

The input A USB memory with write speed of up to 200MB / s and an air purifier without the need for spare parts. Two new products that Xiaomi has put up for sale on Youpin were first published on xiaomist.com: Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi Addicts .


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