A quarter of a million new customers of T-Mobile Polska. The network also makes money from services

The pink operator has just boasted its results for the past quarter. T-Mobile already has almost 10.1 million customers. And it's usually quite loyal.

T-Mobile Polska, as it boasted in its financial statements, currently serves 10.87 million customers, i.e. 0.26 million more than in the corresponding quarter a year ago. What's more, the operator boasted an absurdly low churn rate (it defines the number of contract customers who resign from the contract) at the level of 0.7 percent. So when you are already in T-Mobile, you stay in T-Mobile. I know something about it, I haven't changed operator and number for two decades ...

t-mobile results q2 2019

As you can easily guess, this translates into higher revenues, not only for the provision of basic telecommunications services, but also for additional ones. The consumption of these services recorded a 5.5% increase compared to the same quarter a year ago. Apparently, the offer of Magenta 1 is drawing conclusions from this phenomenon.

t-mobile results q2 2019

When it comes to hard numbers , T-Mobile Polska recorded PLN 427 million of EBITDA AL profit and revenues of PLN 1.57 billion. Why are these values ​​very similar to those of the previous year, despite the fact that there are fewer or fewer customers? The operator is trying to explain this by rising labor costs and rising energy prices. He also added that he is working on the development of stationary and entertainment services, as well as cloud services for corporate clients.

Exactly. Development and investments in T-Mobile Polska.

In the past quarter, T-Mobile continued to expand the LTE Carrier Aggregation network, resulting in 780 new stations supporting this technology. As of today, these stations already have 70 percent population of the country. Four bands (800MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz 2600MHz) are aggregated at nearly two thousand stations, which allows data transmission at a speed of nearly 600 Mbps.

As if that was not enough, close to 91 percent. data is transmitted in the LTE network under T-Mobile, most of which using the frequencies 800MHz and 2600MHz. The 3G network is responsible for 9 percent. sent data, and the 2G network for only 0.06 percent. And let's not forget that T-Mobile is willing to invest in the development of 5G networks in Poland. We can also expect further investments in converged services to take advantage of the operator's high loyalty.

A quarter of a million new customers of T-Mobile Polska. The network also makes money from services


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