A new idea for the Galaxy Fold. Samsung patents a two-way folded smartphone

We are still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Fold market launch, but the Korean manufacturer is already thinking about the next generations of folding equipment. A new idea is a two-way folded smartphone.

LetsGoDigital has created renders based on Samsung's new patent. It describes a foldable smartphone that has a completely different design than the announced Galaxy Fold . Instead of a smartphone folded into a tablet, we are dealing with a large smartphone with cinema-like screen proportions that can be folded in half.

Similar constructions have already appeared in leaks. Patents for such devices are Samsung and Motorola, which according to leaks works on a folding smartphone RAZR V4 .

However, the new Samsung patent describes a device completely different from the others, because it has a flexible, accordion hinge that allows the smartphone to fold in two directions.

The idea looks strange, but it will appeal to people who are afraid of scratches on the screen

foldable samsung smartphone

From the front, the smartphone will be completely covered with the screen. On the back there will be a flat surface with a wide hinge and camera clearly visible. The smartphone can be folded in half, both inside and outside.

foldable samsung smartphone

What's more, the hinge will allow you to bend the device not only perfectly in the center, but also asymmetrically. This is to allow you to take selfies because the camera is only at the back. The design can be folded so that the front of the screen reveals the rear camera. In this position, the visible part with the screen will be quite small, but it should be enough to take a selfie.

We also got to know other Samsung ideas for a foldable smartphone

foldable samsung smartphone

Samsung also has another, in my opinion, a much more interesting patent for a folding device. It is a smartphone (or maybe a tablet?) Folded in the shape of the letter Z. So this is a solution very similar to the one known from the Westworld series.

When unfolded, the smartphone screen surface would grow three times. Such a project looks ideal, although it is not possible to implement it at the current stage of development. A smartphone with such a screen would have to be very thick after folding, specifically half the thickness of the Galaxy Fold , which does not sin with slenderness.

foldable samsung smartphone

However, if such a device arose, I hope that Samsung will use in it the DeX mode operating directly on the unfolded screen. A device with such capabilities would be something wonderful, although I do not even want to think how much such a construction would cost.

And how about the drop-down screen on your smartphone?

galaxy fold alternative

This is another Samsung idea. Screen rolling technology already exists, but no one has an idea yet how to use it. LG offers a TV with a screen that can be rolled up. Samsung, in turn, showed the patent of a smartphone in which we increase dimensions not by unfolding the structure, but sliding it apart.

From the housing you could slide the front part, and the rolled screen would fill the entire front of such a tablet. The idea looks really interesting and would have the advantage of not having a groove at the hinge. The screen could be perfectly flat. Of course, there are concerns about the durability of such a screen.


There are many ideas. Time to check them in practice

Only the market premieres of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huaweia Mate X will show if folded smartphones make sense and whether they work in practice. Start in both cases was not successful.

It is possible that it is simply too early for the revolution of folding screens. On the other hand, if the equipment is to mature, it must be produced and developed. I very much hope that folded smartphones will be a standard in our life in about 5 years.

A new idea for the Galaxy Fold. Samsung patents a two-way folded smartphone


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