A great machine, but not for everyone. Philips HR3752 high-speed vacuum blender - review

Making your own juices, smoothies or cocktails at home is becoming more and more popular and it is hardly surprising. Drinks made in your own kitchen are fresh, rich in vitamins and perfectly suited to our taste, and on the list of their ingredients there is no unpleasant surprise in the form of a glass of sugar.

Blenders are getting better and more affordable, and we can choose from different manufacturers. We checked how the Philips HR3752 high-speed vacuum blender looks like and promise you that it is more interesting than its full imaginative name.

What is the difference between a vacuum blender and a regular one?

Oxidation causes fruit and vegetables to darken and deteriorate faster, while juices and cocktails made from them break up faster. These unfavorable changes are to be prevented by the increasingly popular vacuum blending. Devices with this option suck air out of the jug before they set the blades in motion. Thanks to this, the cocktail does not aerate, and the fruit is less exposed to the destructive power of oxygen.

The first differences can be seen with the naked eye. Juices flowing from such a blender are devoid of the characteristic foam layer. An additional advantage is the much slower stratification of drinks. Layers in a glass are acceptable if you're drinking tequila sunrise, but not apple juice. In the case of vacuum blending, drinks are able to maintain a uniform consistency for a long time. There are also advantages that we will not see with the naked eye. Philips boasts that juices made with this method retain up to 3 times more vitamin C even after 8 hours. I couldn't check it. Personally, I can guarantee that after that time they are still delicious.

This is especially useful if you want to start a healthy day with a juice or smoothie, but you don't want to risk putting a half-conscious apple into the device with toothpaste. All you have to do is prepare the drink calmly in the evening and leave the part in the fridge for the next day. We can additionally store the made drink in a vacuum container, unfortunately the manufacturer stipulates in the instructions that this container should not be the blender jug ​​itself.

What can the Philips HR3752 high speed blender do?

The base of the blender is made of stainless steel, which unfortunately gets dirty easily. The 1.8-liter chalice was made of unbreakable tritan, so there is no fear that it will become discolored over time or will smell like mixed fruit.

The Blender HR3752 has a 1,400 W motor and 35,000 rpm, and is great at turning fruit into fantastically smooth drinks. The credit is also due to the ProBlend 6 3D technology used by Philips, which is responsible for increasing the mixing area of ​​the blades. I have to admit that in this respect HR3752 really impressed me. Compared to it, the juices from the blender I usually use have, let's call it, more complex texture (I like it very much and I don't want to offend it with the insensitive term, occasional lumps ).

Thanks to its high power, you can easily use it as an ice crusher or add hard vegetables or nuts to your cocktails, and don't worry that the blender can't handle their processing.

The cup has a capacity of 1.8 liters, although it is worth noting that in the case of easily foaming drink bases, such as cow's milk or soy milk, you cannot pour more than 1 liter of liquid into it.

The HR3752 High Speed ​​Blender works in 3 or even 4 modes, although one of them has been somewhat hidden. On the front panel of the device I have a choice: air suction, vacuum blending, pulse blending and ice crushing. The "hidden" mode is simply blending without sucking air. To use it, you must use the knob also used to switch on, and set the blending speed on it. Then the device will immediately begin to pick the blades and will not drain the air from the cup. This way you can adjust the blending speed to selected ingredients. There is no point setting the maximum for soft oranges, while for nuts, gentle mixing is not enough. Thanks to the knob, you can also add a drink if for some reason it turned out that not everything is velvety smooth.

Scream of murdered fruit.

In automatic vacuum blending mode, the machine will turn itself off when it considers that the drink is already smooth enough. If blending with the independent speed setting, the HR3752 will automatically turn off after 3 minutes. So there is no fear that we will accidentally put in our juice and somehow forget about it. This is unlikely, because the working device howls as if the fruit were murdered in it. This is not a complaint, the monstrous noise is unfortunately typical for most blenders. There are models on the market that offer the reduction of this hellish noise, but you usually have to pay extra for this luxury and save more space in the kitchen.

Before opening the container, you need to let some air inside by pressing the special button on the lid. I admit that I still forgot about it during the tests and only after a few moments of unequal fight with the lid did I realize that something was wrong.

Blender washes itself, at least to some extent. Pour water into the cup with a little washing up liquid, and then press and hold the pulse blending button. As a result, the cup will be quite decently cleaned. In addition, all detachable components, except the blades, can simply be thrown into the dishwasher with other items. The blender base is simply washed with a slightly damp cloth. If you don't like seeing ubiquitous fingerprints, you'll have to do it quite often.

And what can HR3752 not?

Unfortunately, this is not a device for everything. This blender is intended for making various types of drinks based on fruit or vegetables, mousse desserts or mixing ingredients for soup. It is not suitable for shredding only dry ingredients (the manufacturer indicates that you always need to add some liquid to the pitcher, be it water or milk) or heavy, thick ingredients, such as mashed potatoes. You also can't throw hot vegetables or pour liquids over 40 degrees into it.

If you're looking for something for cocktails, fruit and vegetable drinks or easy mousses, this blender is a really good choice. It makes very smooth juices and is great at cutting hard carrots or nuts. Thanks to the use of vacuum technology, you can store your juices in the fridge all night and in the morning have a fresh and healthy drink.

If you are looking for something more universal, in which you can also mix dry ingredients, you may want to look for something else.

A great machine, but not for everyone. Philips HR3752 high-speed vacuum blender - review


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