YouTube is preparing a secret weapon against pirates copying content

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Pirates, be afraid. YouTube is preparing a secret weapon to solve the problem of non-licensed copying of content from this service. It will definitely be a tool that you can not handle this time. Truth?

On Cnet , news appeared with a real-sounding title. "YouTube attacks sites that rip music streams." According to information obtained by the Cnet editing team, YouTube intends to deal with pirates who feed on its infrastructure and content. This applies to both those who rip content from the service to the form of music files or video files, as well as pirated sites that capture streams from YouTube servers and offer them to their own viewers.

However, YouTube does not intend to share specific information about how it intends to make life difficult for pirates. Perhaps he does not want to reveal details about this secret weapon, so it would be harder to defeat her. However, I would like to point out that the war with YouTube pirates has been going on from time immemorial. Anyway, not just YouTube.

Meanwhile, the only effective weapon with pirates has been to create a more attractive platform than anything that they can offer you. Spotify is a good example here. To this day, however, no effective anti-piracy safeguard has appeared. Games, movies, songs, series, even live broadcasts of sports events - a few minutes on Google Search and we have what we wanted. Where does this sudden declaration come from?

YouTube "declares war on pirates" because it must. Politics requires it.

For some time, Google has been positioning YouTube as its main music service, not the Play Music service so far. And in fact, YouTube is the place most frequently visited by internet users to consume music. His music section has incomparably more visits than Spotify, Apple Music and the rest of the industry ... including.

It is also a service providing the smallest revenue of the music industry. As Cnet notes, from $ 4.46 billion. Last year's revenue from the consumption of digital music services, YouTube is only responsible for 0.76 billion. It looks very bad and makes it difficult to negotiate with record labels. That's why YouTube calms down.

We fight!

And that he will not win, and the aforementioned war in my opinion has a mainly image meaning, it's a separate issue.

YouTube is preparing a secret weapon against pirates copying content


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