Your device with Windows will repair itself. All you need is an Internet connection

windows 10 19h1

Microsoft is finally testing a solution that macOS users have known for a long time. Windows 10 will allow us to forget about security partitions or pendrives with the system image. The missing files will be downloaded from the Web.

Unfortunately, no failure-free software exists. And in the case of classic operating systems, such as Windows or macOS, an additional threat appears, which is the user. Experimenting, using the illegal or poor quality of software is a simple way to slow down, reduce the stability of work or other problems with the system.

Although these systems have quite sophisticated self-repair and security systems in their resources, sometimes they will not help. The only way is to give the equipment to the service or install the system yourself again. MacOS users can use the cloud for a long time - the Mac will then download whatever it needs from the internet. Windows users must have its installation copy - in the form of an image on an external medium or hidden deep in the mass memory of the device. This requirement will probably change soon.

Windows 10 - restoring the system from the cloud. from-the-cloud% 2F

And what if we do not have a carrier with the system with us, we have removed the service partition a long time ago, and Windows 10 has just dropped us and does not want to get up? As it turns out, the latest test version of the Microsoft system has a fairly interesting addition in the Advanced startup menu, which we can call both from the system interface and just before its start-up. We're talking about Cloud download , or about bringing the system back from the cloud.

It is not clear how exactly this function works, because today ... it just does not work. However, it should be expected that in case of problems the system will simply be downloaded and installed again. The open question is whether it will be a bare-bones Windows 10 with Microsoft servers, or modified by the manufacturer of our device and adapted to it.

Update 20H1, under which the above solution will be tested, is expected to hit the production version on our devices in the first half of next year.

Your device with Windows will repair itself. All you need is an Internet connection


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