Xiaomi Qin AI Life: A new “smartphone” designed to become the remote control of our home

During today through Youpin, Xiaomi has put on sale the new Qin AI Life . A new smartphone quite unusual whose main attraction is to become our " remote control " to control the smart devices we have at home.

Qin AI Life comes with a rather curious design, and if we look at its screen of 5.1 inches of 1,440 × 576 pixels, it has an aspect of 22.5: 9 , thus giving it a fairly elongated appearance along its lines.

Its dimensions are 132.6 × 55.4 × 8.6 mm , it has a weight of 105 grams and its design reminds us of the iPhone SE but in this case with a plastic structure available in several colors. Likewise, we only found a 5 megapixel camera in the back.

Xiaomi Qin AI Life the home smartphone. Xiaomi Addicted News

Inside we find a Spreadtrum SC9832E processor with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage . All this is managed by Android Go 9.0 , a lightweight system that guarantees even with these very low specifications, optimal performance for a smooth experience.

As we said, this new smartphone is designed for exclusive use at home , thus having a much more advanced "remote control" with which to control in a simple way all those smart devices we have.

Of rest, this new Qin AI Life has a 2,100mAh battery, USB Type-C port, audio jack connector, IR infrared port with which to remotely manage our appliances, Bluetooth 4.2 and an exclusive button to operate the assistant virtual.

Price and availability

For now, as usual in this type of device, its sale is limited to China so it will be very rare to see it for sale except on certain occasions through AliExpress. Its price is only 65 euros , about 73 US dollars to change.

Source | Youpin

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  1. I waited qin 1 s in middel east but nothing came here.will it come to here or only china ?


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