Xiaomi anticipates four new developments that will reach MIUI 10 shortly

Xiaomi remains faithful to keeping her personalization layer alive. And that is, MIUI has become one of the most complete, fluid and recognized layers of customization in the Android landscape . A fame that Xiaomi has been able to harvest thanks to his great work, renewing day by day the characteristics of MIUI as it has now done again with these 4 new features.

Specifically, the company itself has announced through Weibo, four new features that are already being tested in the private beta of MIUI and will appear shortly in its public version. As you can read below, two of them we already knew, being really interesting as well as curious.

New ways to hide the notch

Although this functionality is not exactly new, Xiaomi is trying different ways to hide the notch in the form of a drop of water integrated in several of its terminals. Whether the Redmi 7 range, as well as the Xiaomi Mi 9, this new feature will allow us a higher level of customization.

New features MIUI 10. News Xiaomi

In particular, as shown in the image, in addition to softening the fall of the notch giving it a look in the purest OnePlus 6T style, we can add a totally black strip in order to simulate a superior frame . A new form that already existed in other smartphone with eyebrow type notch, which would now reach the new models.

Hidden preview of multitasking

New features MIUI 10. News Xiaomi

Certain applications automatically hide their preview when they appear on the multitasking screen. Whether applications of banks, photographs or social networks, this function is quite interesting to prying eyes .

Xiaomi has noticed this and now, as shown in the image above, we can hide so that the thumbnail of the applications on the multitasking screen is blurred . Undoubtedly, a very interesting functionality that joins the rest of the measures that many manufacturers are implementing in relation to the privacy of the user.

Intelligent file cleaning system

The next function that probably only reaches the China ROM, allows us by a simple phrase to the virtual assistant Xiao AI , carry out a file cleaning intelligently.

New features MIUI 10. News Xiaomi

A functionality that proves once again that Xiaomi is taking seriously the large number of actions and shortcuts available in its famous voice assistant. Still remember that to date there is no news of its implementation in Spanish.

3D gestures

Finally, this functionality we already had record of it for some time. A new feature that seems to be that Xiaomi is still polishing and that allows us to access certain applications making a move with our smartphone.

New features MIUI 10. News Xiaomi

In this way, if for example we want to make a quick photograph, we would only have to take our smartphone out of our pocket and as we do it, make the form of a "C" so that it can be accessed automatically. And is that, as we can see in the image, this new functionality will have different actions and preset gestures , which will allow us to decide which application to execute after its realization.

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