Xbox One received a completely new interface. I do not like Microsoft s vision

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Microsoft has rebuilt the Windows 10 main screen for the Xbox One console. He claims that he was guided by information from us players. By the way, the console once departed the function of marketing and fundamental importance.

The recent development updates of Windows 10 for Xbox One were so small and insignificant that until we decided not to mention them. However, the one planned for autumn will bring a significant change. The main interface of the console will be rebuilt. There will also be changes in the voice control of the console.

The Xbox Insider members can now test the update. We do not know when exactly it will go to the production channel, however, knowing the habits of Microsoft, probably will be the first weeks of October.

What is the new interface of Xbox One? In autumn, a significant part of the screen will be covered by advertisements.

xbox new interface 2019

Unfortunately, I do not like the new vision of Microsoft. Before we discuss any changes, pay close attention to the Discover section. We have no control over this section, they are tiles, the contents of which are filled in by the Microsoft algorithms. There are both quite useful information in them (for example, that our favorite friend plays a game that we also have), but also commercial - for example about promotions. I admit that I do not like the fact that promotion ads now occupy such a large area on the screen.

I also have mixed feelings about the other changes. I like the fact that the number of tiles with recently launched games and applications has been increased (the first row of tiles at the very top). However, I am not sure of the idea to eliminate horizontal scrolled thematic sections (Game Pass, Mixer, Community, Microsoft Store) and to collapse them into icons placed under the tile with the active game. The previous layout seems to me more convenient and clearer. Microsoft, however, argues that thanks to this change the whole interface is faster. May, because the low responsiveness of the interface is invariably a disadvantage of Xbox One consoles.

Cortana is no longer part of the Xbox. Which is of great symbolic importance.

Cortana began as a virtual assistant ... a fictional character. She served Master Chief, a brave soldier and the main character of the Halo games series. This series has had a significant impact on pop culture, which Microsoft was proud of and willingly used. For example, the set of technologies responsible for the operation of the Edge browser was called Spartan (Spartans is a kind of infantry, part of which was Master Chief). And the microsoft response to Siri was called Cortana.

Cortana suffered a market failure. And although Microsoft managed to turn it into a part of success - the technology responsible for Cortana's operation is even available in the form of Azure services - the Google Assistant and Alex are counted on the market. And still Siri. In principle, no one uses Cortana.

Therefore, Cortana, though it will still be available in the form of applications for Windows, Android and macOS, and through all existing APIs, will not be part of the Microsoft system itself anymore. We already knew about this in the context of the Windows 10 version for PCs and tablets. Now Microsoft confirms that the assistant also disappears from the Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One, like other devices with Windows 10, can have one service defined as the default voice assistant. Cortana has been reduced to the role of one of such possible to choose services (although there is no big competition, for the moment only Cortana Alex only can hook up to the API Windows). However, in the particular case of the Xbox One, Cortana (and other voice assistants) can not even act locally, as an application. The console only has an open API for the so-called voice assistant skills . We can then give instructions to our loudspeaker, telephone or other device with Alexa or Cortana in some way connected to the console (for example, "disable the console" or "start FIFA"). Kinect or another microphone connected to the Xbox will remain deaf to our commands.

Cortana as an application for Windows, iOS or Android is still not available in Poland.

Looking at the turn of events, it is highly unlikely that this service will ever go to our country.

Xbox One received a completely new interface. I do not like Microsoft's vision


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