Why will Volkswagen s electrics stand out with an extremely favorable Total Cost of Ownership?

The price list that we pay for a car is one. But it really is just the beginning of spending. All together represent the Total Cost of Operation, in English and briefly referred to as TCO. In the case of electric cars, this parameter will perform exceptionally well.

There is nothing to hide - electric cars do not always cost as much as diesel. Although they are getting closer and closer: the price of the latest Volkswagen ID. 3 will be below 30,000 euros. It's as much as a well-equipped Golf with a diesel engine costs. Such a price means that ... ID. In fact, it will be cheaper than the "kin". How is this possible?

Just look at TCO.

TCO , or - as I wrote in the introduction to the text - the total cost of use. Expenses do not end at the time when we transfer money to the dealer's account with whom we buy a car. Quite the contrary: they only start ... at the time.

The car has to be refueled and the fuel is not cheap, which we all know well. You will also need to drive it for inspections and periodic replacement of operating parts, and after the end of the warranty period, also pay for repairs. Added to this is insurance and more frequent taxes in various countries. And finally, the car has yet to be sold ... or struggle with its loss of value.

Electric models are gaining a lot here.

It may seem that buying an electric car is a bit of a purchase of a "cat in a sack". After all, this technology is relatively young and you may be worried about how the market will react to "electrics" in the future and how it will endure the test of time. However, there are several strong arguments behind them.

First of all, their driver does not spend money on fuel. It's really a huge saving in a few years. Currently, according to research, the vast majority of car owners of this type are charging them at night in their own garage. The costs of electricity calculated according to the night tariff are really low, not to say negligible.

Even if you do not have your own charger or outlet (or no garage at all), you still have plenty of options to use the free charging infrastructure. Her network is constantly expanding and she will continue to do so. Volkswagen actively promotes the development of electromobility. More and more local governments are deciding to put chargers. The developers of new housing estates are also following in their footsteps. This issue is also beginning to be noticed by entrepreneurs - cars can also be loaded in office buildings.

Second - the "electrician" has fewer parts.

A car with an electric motor has several dozen percent less moving parts than an internal combustion car. There is, for example, timing, water pump, V-belt or turbocharger. This means that there are simply fewer parts in it that can break, be used or simply cause problems. Reviews are cheaper and last for a shorter time.

In annual terms, it is also important that the electric car does not need to be changed or, for example, to refill the refrigerant fluid. The only fluid that comes in handy is the washer fluid ... but it's not too expensive.

Thirdly - a small loss of value.

The future is electric! That is why cars of this type are increasingly sought after "second-hand". It also means that they will be relatively losing in value. Their advantages on the secondary market are the low operating costs described above and the simplicity of servicing. In addition, it becomes more and more likely that in the future there will be different fees and restrictions on entry of internal combustion vehicles into cities. The solution will be to buy an "electrician" - new or used.

Volkswagen electric TCO

Due to a small loss of value, installments may also be low.

The price list at Golf level with diesel sounds quite good. And when we look at the monthly installment, the case looks even better. After all, the popularity of forms of financing such as leasing or long-term rental increases from month to month. Due to the low forecasted value loss, the monthly amount that you will have to pay eg for ID. 3 will be really affordable.

Beneficial TCO, or the total cost of use, is a real saving for both companies and private customers. The whole, upcoming range of Volkswagen electric models will appeal to both those who buy cars with the heart and those who make the choice with a calculator and a notebook.

The material was created in cooperation with the Volkswagen brand.

Why will Volkswagen's electrics stand out with an extremely favorable Total Cost of Ownership?


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