Week, shut up! Weekend press review

It's time to sum up the end of the week. What was happening? What were the diaries about? What was in weeklies and monthlies? We are launching a weekend review of the press with the Publico24 Newsstand platform - the first Netflix press in Poland.

I have a weakness for subscriptions and subscriptions. I regularly pay for Playa, Vectra, Netfliks, HBO, Apple Music, iCloud, Lake, Nord VPN, Feedly and YouTube Premium . Apple Arcade will be available from September. Probably because, when I heard about Publico24 Newsstand, I quickly picked up the payment card.

Netflix release - Szymon Radzewicz wrote about Publico24 Newsstand . I liked this description very much. I will use it. And regularly. Because in cooperation with Publico24 Newsstand, we are opening a series of press releases at the Spider's Web, in which we will sum up the week.

I'm starting.

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And now the promised press.

Return of 1985, or Stranger Things 3

It was a week for me for Stranger Things 3. I know that the show debuted a little earlier this week, but you understand - I had other serial duties and buried titles on Netfliks and HBO GO. I'm giving up the other one because I've had quite badly working apps that caused problems on every device I tried to watch. I'm leaving without regret. I finished some of the series and closed this chapter. Saying goodbye to HBO caused me to sit down to ST3 with a delay.

The first two or three episodes were great. I was happy as a child, that again I could watch a team of young heroes and follow their fate. In the subsequent episodes, however, boredom and fatigue crept in. I had the feeling that I was cheated. Stranger Things 3 pays tribute to the first and second season of Stranger Things and the year 1985. In the series, nothing really is happening in the series. They are fighting again with something. Again, small groups of heroes act separately to join forces and win evil at the end of the action. In principle, if you saw ST1 and ST2, you saw ST3. And certainly nothing has lost. This series is like a dog licking its own ... you know what.

There were a thousand quotes from other films in ST3. One million references to pop culture. One billion references to the events of 1985. To catch, understand and appreciate them, you must be an American who 34 years ago had a minimum of 15 years. The rest can see on YouTube the explanation of all scenes from Stranger Things 3, in which he will find out what the new Coca-Cola and all the TV series and films that have evolved through the new ST.

To sum up, ST3 is a series from Americans for Americans, so it should actually fly on American TVP2. That's why I'm not surprised that the latest season has the lowest 9 out of all three) on Filmweb. I am only surprised why it still has a figure of eight.

If you want to come back to kids with Stranger Things, but you do not want to waste time on ST3, then look at the latest "Glamour", on which the cover of the six. Six, or five and eleven. You understand.

Millie Booby Brown (eleven), Gaten Matarozzo (the one with no teeth), Finn Wolfhard (nice name, it's the type from Nastka), Sadie Sink (new, redhead), Noah Schapp (the one on the other side) and Caleb McLaughlin ( the latter - the most vague figure in the series) talked with Agnieszka Kucińska. The kids were quickly questioned and answered a little about themselves, a bit about colleagues from the plan. A bit about the ST3 itself.

For example, I found out that this type without teeth was supposed to be a supporting figure, but due to the charisma of the young actor, he managed to work out a strong position. Finally, he became one of the most important people in the series. There are more flavors. It's worth reading.

No elo, on a raft, and where

I love spending time by the water. Grandfather is an angler. Dad, too. Dad used to spend every holiday and weekend in a canoe on Wda. He was pouring it many times. He knew almost all of the local residents there. Today, he is one of the people who live by the river.

Perhaps that's why I turned my attention to the text "Reserve on the Bug" in Newsweek, which tells about the idea of ​​regulating this beautiful and wild Polish river. Just look at what I saw when reading the latest Newsweek in Publico24 Newsstand on iPad:

A beautiful iPad. Beautiful typography. A beautiful river.

The text tells about Łukasz Długowski, who built his own (but not alone) raftsman's raft and decided to sail it from the Belarusian border straight to Warsaw. He does it to publicize the problem. To save the river.

"Politicians plan to build a shipping channel along the river, which will end in destroying the river's ecosystem. After regulating others (eg Łydynia, Ner, Saliva), even 75 percent died. fish population, 50% bird population, plants and insects "- he informs on the Dziko Foundation website, where he collected money for his trip. The response was amazing - more than 500 people took part in the screenshot, they managed to collect over PLN 32 thousand. - we read in Newsweek.

Łukasz Długowski not only floats on the Bug to save him. His foundation buys and wants to buy land near the river to protect it. New trees will be planted in these areas and a network of wild hives will be built. You will not be able to do any work, hunt or cut trees there.

For Łukasz I keep my fingers crossed and now we are back to the studio. Where we will stay on the subject of greenery and nature.

Mountain devil

Łukasz Długowski rescues the Bug and its animals and vegetation. Meanwhile, in National Geographic, I read the text "Ocaleńcy" about Wolverines.

Formerly Wolverine was called the North Demon or the Mountain Devil.

For centuries it was defined as ugly fragrant, cunning and elusive, as well as disgusting, destructive and dangerous to people. However, none of these prices corresponds to the truth. (...) The last feature that we could suspect of wolverines is susceptibility to extirpation. And yet trappers, hunters and animal breeders removed them from much of Eurasia. And America's government-funded predator elimination campaign has collected a huge harvest. In the 1930s, the genre disappeared from 48 lower US states - I read in National Geographic at Publico24 Newsstand.

Wolverines were then scattered in inaccessible parts of Canada. They survived the raid and in the 90s began to return to the old areas. It soon turned out that these lands are a tasty morsel also for people. People who have been in a secluded place, as well as the mining and wood industries have begun to disturb animals again.

Climate change is also severe. If they continue to proceed, the Wolverines will lose one-third of the current Canadian range by 2050. By the end of this century, they will lose two-thirds. It's hard to read such things. It's not easy to look at what people do to the planet.

The man walked on the moon

Fate decided that people who went to the moon to explore it in peace would stay on the moon to rest there in peace. These brave people, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, know that there is no hope for rescue. but they also know that there is hope for humanity from sacrifice - these words were to be spoken by American President Richard Nixon in front of millions of viewers, just after NASA was sure that the Apollo 11 mission was unsuccessful.

The previously prepared speech turned out to be unnecessary. The man landed safely on the moon and then returned to Earth. Of course, this has not happened in the last week. However, we now had an important anniversary for the Apollo 11 mission. Fiftieth Anniversary.

On this occasion, Hubert Taler wrote on Spider's Web that " Apollo mission astronauts could be the first victims of software error ". And in a separate text, he reminded that some still do not believe Earthlings have landed on the moon .

And Newsweek wrote that he managed to land and return. However on the gift.

The Russians had a stronger rocket than the Americans. Saturn V engines produced 620 tons of thrust. The Russians bet on more engines and more power. They say even 5 or 6 thousand tonnes of thrust. However, the N1 rocket with a 30-engine system did not rise into the air.

All four test flights of the Soviet colossus were unsuccessful. The most serious catastrophe took place on July 3, 1969. At the start of the pump, a nut left by technicians fell, causing a fire in one of the engines. The fire quickly took over the compartments and N1 exploded on the launch platform. The explosion was so strong that it corresponded to almost half of the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. After two more launches finished with explosions, the Russians suspended the program of manned flights to the Moon - I read in Newsweek in Publico24 Newsstand.

The Americans did not give up. Despite the problems. During Apollo 1 tests, a fire broke out, in which 3 people were killed, including the commander. about this tragedy the construction was improved for half a year.

When Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins approached the moon, "Program alarm" appeared. Number 1202. " Astronauts checked that the on-board computer could not keep up with the data processing. The flight control center on Earth, however, did not allow the mission to be interrupted. It was ordered to turn off the alarm and land further. A new error on 900 meters. This time the number 1201. Spoiler alert: despite these obstacles safely landed.

Rompers: Insta-parody

In Focus you will find a great article "Beautiful imperfect". This is basically the topic of the number. In the material, the author and invited experts talk about why someone likes us, what affects this and how it works in women and men. It's worth reading.

I caught a pearl in this material. His name is Celeste, and in the name of Barber. Mrs. Celeste ridicules the stars and parodies them. She does it so well that she is now a star herself. As part of "Pajacyks" I decided to post some photos from Instagrama Celeste Barber in my press.

Take a look at insta @celestebarber . Descriptions for pics also have a good one.

That's it for today. You stay warm and until the next time.

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* The material was created in cooperation with the Publico24 Newsstand brand. No shit Sherlock!

Week, shut up! Weekend press review


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