We will run to the FIFA 20 pitches in September. This will be the best game since FIFA 98

Everyone will play in FIFA 20: old and young, radical PES and the hardened FIFs, all because of the sentimental journey into the past that the EA Sports team is giving us.

I am a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, but with the FIFA series I was not on the way. Things turned out to be unique in the previous year.

Here is the latest edition of PES, somehow, for a number of reasons, I did not come, I was quite pleasant at FIFA 19. This year, Konami will be the game of my first choice, we have too many great years to be so suddenly change preferences. That would be immoral. But, of course, learned the experience of the past season, I also look at EA Sports announcements. And I will buy the new FIFA for sure, I'm sure of it for ten or even fifteen editions.

Media Expert has already introduced the possibility of ordering a new edition of FIFA in advance. You will order it on the shop website in versions for PS4 , XONE , PC and Nintendo Switch .

Galactic like Eden Hazard

There are many reasons for peeking towards the new EA game, because the transfer window promises to be really interesting. Diego Godin in my beloved Inter, and you even talk about Lukaku! Real Madrid's transfer offensive, which brought Eden Hazard down, as the icing on the cake of a whole series of great purchases. A debt-free Barcelona that will soon win Griezmann, and perhaps Neymar.

At Atletico, the French did not cry for a long time, because Joao Felix was awarded the astronomical sum. Nor can I forget about Rodry in Manchester City, Ndombel in Spurs or Wan Bissace in United, and the transfer window did not even begin seriously in England. And there is also Bayern, which has 44 impressive transfer goals, although 40 of them have already been cleaned before their nose. Maybe only fans of Chelsea do not look for new editions of football games with exaggerated pastries.

In the case of EA, transfers not only enjoy the support of specific teams, but also entire leagues, because here, for example, the FIFA Ultimate Team based on the Spanish league will suddenly gain a few very strong arguments on the wings. Of course, nothing that the trio Skriniar-Godin-Koulibaly and Wojtek Szczęsny will not stop at the goal.

But the desire to play Inter in the 3-5-2 position, for which transfers will be made by Antonio Conte, is just one of the reasons to wait for the new EA Sports game. The sentiment to FIFA 98 is unrivaled and the main one is. Yes, yes, it's not a typo, it's not about FIFA 18.


FIFA 20 like FIFA 98

FIFA 98 was released at a time when EA Sports had absolutely no serious competition when it comes to making football games. Yes, he was dying of Sensible Soccer, but some selective productions or the Actua Soccer series never even came close to the level of a real competitor, which was the time Konami managed.

So when the society of fellow students from the primary school and the schoolyard was consistent and in this respect undivided - FIFA KRÓL - we played in the FIFA 98 with the sub-title Road to World Cup. If you think that we actually played the World Cup qualifiers and that it aroused the greatest emotions in us, it is a reliable sign that you are young. Every player with a birth certificate close to mine knows that if FIFA 98, the association is one: hall.

We could then build a team made up of the best footballers, and then in literally small teams to measure them against each other in the hall in a fanciful counterpart of futsal. Ba, a colleague could even control the mouse, which made it easier to play in times without the widespread availability of pads. And then ... EA forgot about this form of fun.

After years of drought and purely athletic struggles, FIFA 20 finally returns to experimenting with the convention. Hala will not come back, but EA will give us its equivalent in the form of street football: on school playgrounds or roofs of skyscrapers. For some time, the Electronics team even released dedicated street football games, but now it will become the most exciting element of FIFA 20.


Over two months

We will not reach FIFA 20 on the field (and rooftops ...) until September 27, 2019, however the partner of our text - the Media Expert store chain - has already opened the possibility of placing pre-release orders on all key platforms. Choose the equipment on which you will play this year and order: PS4 , XONE , PC and Nintendo Switch! Let's hope that there are still many exciting transfers ahead of us. The best versatile players who can handle even five-person teams ...

* Media Expert is the partner of the text.

We will run to the FIFA 20 pitches in September. This will be the best game since FIFA 98


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