We re checking the best video montage app for Android

The installation of films on a smartphone does not have to be an amateur domain. Adobe Premiere Rush and Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition is a combination showing that the video editing on your smartphone can be really advanced.

Until recently, the installation of films on a smartphone was only useful for less demanding clips, such as holiday music videos. Although the Android system has many applications for assembly, almost all of them are very poor in relation to real desktop programs.

Applications are based largely on automation, which on the one hand allows you to quickly straighten out a simple clip from the holidays, but on the other, it gives you little control over the final look of the movie. For people assembling in desktop programs, mobile applications looked almost like toys.

Adobe Premiere Rush is an application that immediately attracted attention.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

Adobe Premiere Rush appeared on Android at the end of last year and immediately caught the attention of filmmakers. There are three reasons for this. First of all, it's probably the most advanced video editor available on Android. Secondly, it works as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package and allows you to save the project for further work in the desktop Premiere Pro. Thirdly, for Premiere Pro users, the new Premiere Rush is free.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a relatively resource-consuming application and not every smartphone can cope with it. Adobe decided to cooperate with Samsung, as part of which the Premiere Rush for Samsung application was created in the Galaxy Store. This is a specially optimized version, fully utilizing the HDR10 + screen and operating up to 70%. faster. The application also supports the DeX mode.

I tested this version on the top of the Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition, equipped with 1 TB of internal memory.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition and Adobe Premiere Rush in practice.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

Working in Premiere Rush begins by importing movies from the device's memory. These can be films recorded with a smartphone, or movies from the camera that we have transferred to the smartphone's memory. The Adobe Premiere Rush interface is very readable and well-suited to touch handling. The first time you start the application, we are welcomed with a useful tutorial.

In the upper part of the application, we see a window with a preview of the clip, which maximizes to the full screen after turning the smartphone to a horizontal position. At the bottom we have a magnetic timeline and tool set. Timeline adapts dynamically to the number of current tracks, with up to 4 video tracks and 4 audio tracks.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

The application allows all the basic steps in editing, including arranging clips, trimming them, lengthening, shortening or changing the speed. We can also control the sound, changing its levels (or deciding on an automatic level), muting, and reducing noise and echo. The application allows you to put under your own music and narration recorded as a voiceover.

There were also built-in transitions and a very large, widely editable section with subtitles, including animated ones. The application also allows you to customize the appearance of the video. We have several built-in presets and many manual adjustments, including color temperature, saturation, contrast and brightness.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

In a word: it's an assembly primer known from desktop class programs. The most important option, however, is the ability to save video in the cloud and continue working on the desktop in the Premiere Pro program. Thanks to this we can start working on a smartphone and finish it on the computer. The application works on the Galaxy S10 + perfectly smoothly and even at high load never slowed down.

The real gem is the Dex mode, thanks to which the smartphone becomes a work station. After connecting the monitor and optional keyboard and mouse (really worth it), we can work in Premiere Rush with a desktop interface. Hats off, because this is how the future of smartphones looks like. This mode is supported by Samsung Galaxy smartphones supporting DeX mode, including of course Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition.

Samsung for its users has a discount on Premiere Rush.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is available for free, but the base version allows you to render only three projects, so it can only be considered a free trial service. To unlock an unlimited number of renderings, you must purchase one of the plans. An option for professionals is a plan that includes Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush. It costs 24.59 euros a month, which is the same as the Premiere Pro cost.

The second option is the variant in which we only buy access to the Premiere Rush application. Samsung has prepared a discount for its clients, because the application can be subscribed for 30.28 PLN / month, while the standard price for Adobe is 37.86 PLN / month. At this price, we also get 100 GB of space in the cloud and access to Adobe Fonts and Adobe Portfolio. Importantly, along with the mobile application, we also get a desktop version of Premiere Rush. In addition, we get all the distinguishing features, including support for the HDR10 + screen and higher smoothness of operation.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

If you care about mobile assembly, where you have control over the timeline, I really recommend Premiere Rush. The application on the Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition works great and offers the possibilities and convenience of work unmatchable to other android video applications.

Finally, a curiosity. How many movies will fit in 1 TB of memory?

One minute of video footage of the recorded Galaxy S10 + in the highest quality (4K, HDR10 +) takes about 365 MB. The smartphone memory in the Performance Edition variant, 1 TB, allows you to save ... 47 hours of recordings! In practice, it is enough to record clips for literally years.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition adobe premiere rush

Out of curiosity, I also checked how much material from my private, professional camera will fit into the Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition. One minute of 4K video in the highest quality (XAVC S, 100 MB / s) takes 750 MB. The smartphone can hold more than 23 hours of recordings. As a rule, when I record a job, I need a 128 GB card. Samsung Galaxy S10 + can thus be used as backup for eight video projects. Something beautiful.

* The material was created in cooperation with Samsung.

We're checking the best video montage app for Android


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