Two sides of the coin with the face value of PLN 1 million

The Sekielski brothers have already collected over a million zlotys using Patronite. This is the second account in the service history that has done this. The first one belongs to the Dominican repertoire that leads youtube.

Poland is full of apparent contradictions. It's just another of them.

The Sekielski brothers collected over PLN 1 million for Patronite

Michał Leksiński today announced on Twitter that Tomasz Sekielski, as the second author in the history of the Patronite website, exceeded the magical number of one million PLN of total support. The first was the Dominican o. Adam Szustak founder popular channel on YouTube Langst on the palm .

Tomasz Sekielski over one million for patronite

"Just do not tell anyone" on YouTube has been watched over 22 million times. The shocking documentary about the church not only captured the imagination of Poles, but also public debate. Sekielscy, touching the subject of pedophile acts in the church, touched real fears, wounds and memories. They drove out the monster lurking in the darkness and showed that it is not woven from fantasy and history, which children scare each other at night, but from the blood, bones and power of the institution.

Sekielskis convinced Poles that it is worth investing in independent journalism. When the next TV stations refused to finance "Just do not tell anyone", they turned to the Internet users. You did not disappoint. 455,000 documents were collected to create the document. zł. Currently, 3455 people pay to the Patronite account monthly PLN 121 315.

Your collection for the last part of the trilogy . Sekielskis want to know how much John Paul II knew about the pedophile acts in the church.

The second part of the document, entitled "Play Hide and Seek," will have its premiere late this fall and will take up and develop the topics discussed in "Just do not tell anyone". This project is already financed.

The collection has now started for the third installment of the series. It is to answer the extremely important and extremely difficult question and examine the Vatican's commitment to the fight against pedophile acts.

Everyone who tracks sexual crimes in the Polish Catholic Church sooner or later faces the question: what did the Vatican do about it?

And hence only a step to the questions about John Paul II. How did he fight pedophilia among clerics? What did he know and what he was not aware of? Were his closest associates, including Cardinal Dziwisz, hiding an uncomfortable truth from him?

There are more similar difficult questions, the time has come to ask them all and get clear answers. This is what will be our third and final film about the cases of pedophilia among clergymen, which would appear at the turn of 2020/2021 - we read on Patronite Sekielski .

In order to reach archives and potential interlocutors, they will have to travel to Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, among others. In these places, a part of the film will also be shot.

The plan is ambitious and for its implementation, Sekielscy predict that it will be necessary to allocate about one million zlotys. It is currently collecting money for the first step: learn facts, ie browse archives, documents and verify the information obtained.

An apparent contradiction

There is something fascinating about the fact that it was Tomasz Sekielski who made one of the most shocking documents about the church, and leading the channel Langust on the palm of the Dominican friar Adam Szustak, they collected the most money in the history of Patronite. It's like two sides of the same coin. On one is the beautiful and clear face of deep faith, the need to deepen it and the words of wisdom, on the other the ugly, twisted face of the institution that protects at all costs the facade of holiness and is ready to sacrifice to protect its members.

Like a coin swirling in the air, our religiosity shows once again the other face.

Two sides of the coin with the face value of PLN 1 million


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