Twisto writes the volunteers to your beta account. He will soon show the mobile application and the multi-currency card

The Czech fintech will soon show the beta version of their account. But to use it, you will have to sign up first. This is only part of the new products that Twisto is preparing for the Polish client.

Purchases in which payment for the selected item or service can be made up to 21 days from the day of the transaction was so appealing to ING Bank Śląski that he decided to invest in Czech fintech Twisto.

Startup within 5 years wants to acquire about half a million customers. The funds obtained from external sources are to help in this. The founders of Twisto managed to get about 60 million zlotys from European investors in May. Of which PLN 20 million is to be allocated to the development of payment business in our country.

A beta account in August, entries in July.

In mid-August, Twisto is to provide Polish clients with a beta version of their account. Among the proposed solutions will be a special credit limit allowing repayment of 45 days after the transaction. But to be able to use these benefits - you have to register first.

This possibility was given by the Czech fintech to the Poles in July. Within 16 days, 1,600 future users have registered. There are special prizes for the first three thousand. It's even a free premium account for a year. We can also recommend Twisto to someone. If the user invited by us will register - the referring page can count on 50 PLN top-up to the account of the application. Among the awards for the imminent registration is also use for 3 months with Tesla Model 3.

For the autumn mobile application and multi-currency card.

At the end of September or at the beginning of October, Twisto will have another surprise for Poles. Then fintech has to make available its mobile application and multi-currency card. An innovative solution is to be able to divide payments into installments or for several people. For example, when paying a joint bill at a restaurant.

Added to this is the Snap function, thanks to which you only have to take a picture of the invoice or invoice, then send it to Twisto, which will take care of the entire settlement. In turn, the multi-currency card will allow you to pay from landline and online stores. It will give you access to a revolving loan. With the Twisto card in hand, we will also pay contactlessly with Apple Pay. Plastic from the Czech Republic is also to have special markings for the blind and visually impaired.

Twisto writes the volunteers to your beta account. He will soon show the mobile application and the multi-currency card


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