Today is a great time to buy Kindle

A good reader is necessary on holidays. During Amazon Prime Day, you can hunt for him at bargain prices.

I love paper books, but only as long as I do not have to move with them from before the couch. If only I go somewhere, my love for e-books comes alive. In small readers (and the cloud) there is a large library, the lifting of which does not overload the spine.

On the German Amazon you can buy two different models of the popular Kindle at a promotional price.

Two Kindle readers in the promotion.

The standard price of the great Kindle Paperwhite 4 without ads is 139.99 eur, but by tomorrow you can buy it for 89.99 euros. It's a great device that offers 8 GB of memory and a good quality display. What's better, this model is waterproof, so you can take it to the bathtub for a romantic session alone with Miss Marple without fear. The Polish price, assuming that we will use the Amazon currency converter, is PLN 408.66

The new Kindle is slightly worse equipped than Paperwhite. It has 4 GB, it also differs in pixel density, which is smaller here and is 167 ppi. It is also not waterproof, which can be a serious drawback for lovers of reading surrounded by fragrant foam. It compensates, at least to some extent, its price. This model costs 59.99 euros until tomorrow (its normal price is 89.99 euros). The Polish price is PLN 272.43.

How to buy during Amazone Prime Day ?

The closest to us is the German Amazon, from which order shipments to Poland is child's play. The store's website is translated into Polish, and shipping for at least 39 euros does not cost us anything.

It is worth remembering that prices are given in euros and with lower German VAT. First of all, the price when shipping from Poland is slightly higher than on the product page. Secondly, if we do not have a Revoluta or an account in this currency, we can still convert it to Amazon, although it must be remembered that it will not be done at the most favorable rate for us.

During Amazon Prime Day, the company prepares promotions for customers who have purchased the Amazon Prime plan, but if you are not its subscribers, there is nothing to worry about. The promotion also includes people who use a free 30-day trial or weekly period of 0.99 euros.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to order the version of readers with advertisements to Poland.

Today is a great time to buy Kindle


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