Tinder, sex, Google and money

Tinder is another important service that decides to circumvent the payment of commission to the Play Store's maintainer. Only that, unlike most other rebels, it is difficult to find a justification for it. In addition to the greed of the owner of this service.

It takes a kind of scuffle between selected operators of popular digital services and App Store and Play store maintainers. The former do not want to share revenue from subscription fees with the latter. As they argue - here on the example of Spotify - the need to pay a commission of several dozen percent is a manifestation of unfair competition, because the services belonging to the operator of these stores for obvious reasons do not pay such a fee. In the case of Spotify, such dishonest competitors are YouTube Music and Apple Music.

That is why Spotify, Netflix and other rebels implement their own payment systems for subscriptions in their applications or - if the store regulations do not allow it - they are directing users to their websites in order to settle this payment. In this way, they retain all of the subscription revenue for themselves, being able to continue to offer their applications via the App Store or the Play Store.

Dating wins. So Tinder also waives the Google Pay payment.

Plans for changes in the acceptance of subscription fees by Tinder were first described by Bloomberg . Application users, although they will still be able to use Google Pay, will gain the option of direct payment by specifying payment card details to Tinder. It is this payment that will be proposed by the application by default. After subscribing to Tinder by paying with the card, information about the active subscription will not appear in the Play Store, but only in the application itself.

Google charges 30% from the service provider. the amount of the subscription for the first year of service provision to the user, 15 percent. in subsequent years. A similar system is valid on the App Store, but the owner Tinder so far lacks the courage to turn over a similar number in the Apple store. He probably knows that he would have flew out of the iPhone app store. Google can be less assertive, and getting rid of Tinder from the Play Store - given the absurdly popular popularity of this dating service - could hurt not only Tinder but also Android.

I invite you, you put.

The arguments raised by Spotify or Netflix deserve consideration and discussion. In fact, it is difficult to compete with native services, which both have a greater exposure on Android and iOS devices, and also do not lose revenues for an external entity. Excuse me, what is the Tinder service that Google is offering? With Allo? Duo? Hangouts?

Tinder does not try to fight against unfair competition, because there is no such thing on the part of Google. Instead, he tries to use the waves of anxiety on the part of multimedia service providers to earn more revenue for himself. It is significant that, unlike Netfliks or Spotify, the service provider did not opt ​​for a similar rebellion within the App Store. He probably knows that Apple does not have patience with such crooks.

Tinder did not invest in the development of Android, the ecosystem of devices that are based on it, or in the accompanying infrastructure of network services. There is no conflict of interest with Google. His evasion is an ordinary cunning - I would like to say inept, but it is difficult to clumsy to describe the largest dating service in the world, earning huge money. The gentlemen and ladies of Tinder clearly know how to do business. I wonder only if and how Google will react, how he realizes that in this affair one of the parties is a parasite.

Tinder, sex, Google and money


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