They will cancel the current RTV subscription. They will introduce one that everyone will pay

I was very amused by the information published by some media, which claimed that our government decided to abandon the RTV subscription. Yes, he decided to give up his current, ineffective form and introduce a new system in which we can not escape the fees.

All inaccuracy came from a short and not very specific statement by Paweł Lewandowski, a PiS deputy who is currently the deputy minister of culture. During his speech at the Law and Justice program convention, organized in Katowice, Lewandowski said that he would like to create a system of public media financing in the next term, which would not be a problem for Poles, and ideally a non-alien citizen at all .

So, if the PiS wins the election, then actually - the current form of the RTV subscription will go down in history. But only because the new system will replace it.

New RTV subscription - fees will be charged automatically

How? As yet, it is not known. At least officially. Unofficially, people well informed of the plans of law and justice politicians say that the subscription fee will most probably be charged automatically as part of the annual PIT tax settlement. It is a very simple and ingenious solution when it comes to the downloadability of the subscription itself. I would like to remind you that according to current estimates of the Polish Treasury, about 3 million households are avoiding monthly radio and television payments, which means that about 9-10 million Poles watch television illegally. Well, at least he does not pay for it.

If we add this fee to the annual personal income tax, the budget of TVP would surely increase

I do not know why. Ie. I know - Polish public media would have more money to spend on their next productions, which completely do not interest me. I will also bet (for example, the amount of the current subscription fee) that the increase in the downloadability of the subscription will not go hand in hand with anything special and the channels of our state television will continue to emit endless advertising blocks in the intervals between successive wonderful productions.

Arguments about the fact that we should keep public television, because it takes care of our access to information can be inserted between fairy tales. Yes, I admit, it used to be like that. But here we are talking about times when only state television stations were available. On Fridays, the two watched old American films then they waited for Panorama and everyone was happy.

Now it works a bit differently. Commercial stations in Poland have created information channels that broadcast the latest news from the country and around the world. And they do it at a higher level, without demanding any fixed subscription fee.

I do not know anyone who would pay an RTV subscription in their own free will

In my opinion, this is a solution from a bygone era, which survived only because the party that wins the election in Poland very much likes to fill state television stations with their people. And that from something you have to pay later, somehow he never decided to change the old, good subscription system. Once, of course, just before the election, Donald Tusk urged us not to pay him, but after his party came to power, he changed his mind.

I would also not count on the Law and Justice to share with us any details regarding the new system of paying the subscription fee before the parliamentary elections. There is no point in discouraging people in such a critical period. Well, we'll wait, see.

They will cancel the current RTV subscription. They will introduce one that everyone will pay


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