The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is fast approaching. What would convince you to buy?

There are two weeks left to the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 , and we already know almost everything about it. I still do not know only one thing - what would have to have a new Note, that I would like to buy it.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does not hide any significant secrets from us. We know the appearance, we know the specification, we know that there will be two variants of the device: Note 10 and Note 10 Pro / Plus. I really do not know what ace Samsung would have to pull out of the sleeve during the official presentation, to surprise us with anything.

On the very pre-release finish in the network there are more photos of finished products and the only surprise is the fact that the Note 10 Pro has a larger notch on the front camera than the smaller Note 10:

Personally, I bet that in this larger indent just an additional depth sensor is to fit, like in the Galaxy S10 +, and the smaller one - model Galaxy S10 - will be deprived of it.

And since we already know so much about Galaxy Note 10, it's time to ask yourself a key question: why?

Why would anyone buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ?

We wrote about it at least two last generations of Note'ów, but ... the boundary between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note has faded somewhere. Just as once Note was better, faster and bigger than the top Galaxy S, so today it differs in principle only the presence of the stylus S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 premiere

We can of course assume that the slightly incoming Galaxy Note 10, especially the Note 10 Pro, will be better than the Samsung Galaxy S10 + . It can have a bit better camera (it is said about three settings of the aperture, which would be a novelty in the world of smartphone photography). It can have an even better screen, even better speakers, even better technical specification.

But is it enough for someone to choose the Note instead of the Galaxy S10 +, which also has a great camera, a great screen and excellent technical specification? I'm afraid not.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - at least according to the company's marketing department - is dedicated to a completely different customer. It's a smartphone for a businessman. Someone who uses the phone as a key work tool. A Galaxy S10? This is a smartphone for an "ordinary consumer". Even if it can 90 percent. what the Note can do.

What would the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have to have to choose instead of Galaxy S10 +?

The closer to the premiere, the more I wonder why someone could reach for Note'a instead of Galaxy S10 + and still do not have a satisfying answer to this question.

I have no doubt that the Note 10 will reach you consumers who today use the previous Note'ów. Whoever once tried the stylus, does not come back.

However it sounds, Notea can also reach those who want to have something luxurious, which is not an iPhone. Looking at the price of new Samsung phones, I'm betting that the price of the new Note 10 (especially in the Pro version) will be at least as luxurious as the iPhone XS Max.

samsung galaxy note 10

I do not know, however, what Samsung would have to play with the bargaining chip, so that the consumer who will enter the store for a new smartphone in a few weeks, chose the Note instead of the e-dozen. Maybe a much larger battery? Maybe a screen with a higher refresh rate (I count the most on it myself)?

Samsung needs a really solid argument to convince us for another year in a row that there's any reason other than a stylus to reach Galaxy Note instead of Galaxy S. Because, even size is not a good reason since Note has basically the same diagonal as "eska plus".

I am therefore asked to ask you, dear readers - what would have to offer Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro to reach for it instead of the Galaxy S10 +?

Comments are at your disposal.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is fast approaching. What would convince you to buy?


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