The Poles have developed the Kindle Car Calculator

In the United States, about 40 children die every year in hot cars. In Poland, such statistics do not lead, but let's not delude that they would be optimistic.

You do not need Saharan heat to let the temperature in the closed car exceed 50 degrees. It is not wise to leave in the car, food or medicine in warm weather, leaving the child or animal out there is an extreme irresponsibility that can end tragically.

Łukasz Białek and Dominik Czernia, a PhD student at the Polish Academy of Sciences, have developed the Kindle Car Calculator , thanks to which it is possible to check which temperatures are exposed to the bubble left in the car. The application effectively appeals to the imagination.

Tragedies do not happen only in hot weather, just 21 degrees.

In Warsaw today was 31 degrees, the sky is clear - I enter this data into the calculator. The message that I am getting at this stage is shocking. "The air temperature in the car can reach up to 71.6 ° C in such conditions!". I can not even imagine it, and only positivist novels come to mind.

However, this is not the end of calculations, I choose a bright car (it heats up only slightly slower) and closed windows. After 25 minutes spent in such a cage, my hypothetical toddler already has hyperthermia. After 40 minutes he begins to sweat excessively, his heart rate increases, if he has epilepsy, he can get an attack. After 65 minutes, he may faint, start vomiting, have dyspnoea, he is dehydrated, now his life is seriously endangered. After 110 minutes his body temperature reaches 41 degrees - he has hallucinations and dizziness, he will need medical help if he survives.

This is of course approximate calculation. The average two-year old served as a model for them. Many factors influence how fast the stroke will take place - the child's age, weight and health. One thing is certain - his body heats faster than that of an adult. To be comforted that it is not so hot, we can throw it out the window. The car standing in the sun can change into a deadly trap. Even on less hot days, the temperature in the middle can be higher than outside by as much as 20 degrees.

There is no explanation that it's only for a moment, and certainly do not say it's just a dog.

If I left her beloved dog instead of a child in this infernal trap, he would not do much better. Dogs do not sweat and can only cool with snuffing, which does not help much if you inhale hot air. Ajar window can help, but not much.

As the developers of the application explain, due to the difference in wavelengths, the windows of the car allow light radiation to enter without any problems, but they do not want to release thermal radiation. And though, leaving the windows ajar, you can make the vehicle will be warming up more slowly, then it will still change into an oven with only one grate switched on instead of two.

The Poles have developed the Kindle Car Calculator


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