The new Black Shark 2 Pro equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 855+ already has a filing date

Within the mobile telephony market dedicated to the gaming sector, Black Shark is probably one of the most recognized brands . Not only because it is a collaborative sub-brand from Xiaomi, but also because it has terminals equipped with a large number of features that are now joined by a new Black Shark 2 Pro equipped with the Snapdragon 855+ .

Just this morning the Black Shark team announced through Weibo the arrival of a new variant of their latest smartphone. Specifically we talked about the Black Shark 2 Pro , a new model of great features that in addition to incorporating the powerful Snapdragon 855+ , will be presented to the world this next July 30 (it is clear that the "Pro" models are in fashion).

Although for now we know practically no detail of this new terminal, most likely it is an updated Black Shark 2 , integrating the new Qualcomm processor, as well as other internal modifications related to your hardware: type of memories, system cooling, etc.

New Black Shark 2 Pro with Snapdragon 855+ Plus. Xiaomi   News

Advertising poster of the new Black Shark 2 Pro.

Black Shark 2 Pro, one of the first to have the Snapdragon 855 Plus

If we remember, the new Snapdragon 855+ was presented a few days ago by Qualcomm as a new option for the gaming sector. In itself, this new processor is a Snapdragon 855 that has been made an increase in its frequencies in order to get a somewhat more powerful processor.

Specifically, this new Snapdragon 855+ increases the frequency of its Kryo 485 cores from the 2.84GHz of the normal version, to 2.96GHz . Also in the GPU section, the Adreno 640 increases its frequency up to 15% , a quite noticeable difference especially in video games. In terms of RAM support, storage and support of photographic sensors, everything remains the same.

Source | Weibo

The entrance The new Black Shark 2 Pro equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 855+ already has a presentation date was first published in Web news and news Xiaomi in general, we are Xiaomi .


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