The new BenQ SW2700C is a 27-inch monitor that photographers can love

Looking at the specification, the new BenQ SW2700C monitor has almost everything you can expect from a photographer or graphic monitor. Especially, if we look at the price.

The BenQ SW2700PT monitor, presented in 2016, has made a good stir in the market of monitors for photographers. Looking at the specification, at a price below PLN 3000, in theory it offered as much as the Eizo and NEC brand monitors in the price of approx. PLN 4,000-5000. With time, the device passed a series of tests and it turned out that in practice it is not so good, and the lower price had some reflection in a slightly lower quality - even if it was not visible in the parameters themselves. Anyway, it is a popular and appreciated by photographers monitor.

With time, BenQ began showing successive, more or less successful monitors designed for photographers, graphic artists and filmmakers. Currently, there are four of them on offer, and the fifth has just been introduced.

BenQ SW2700C at first glance almost does not differ from the SW2700PT, the first model of this series.

The monitor is based on a 27-inch 10-bit IPS panel with a resolution of QHD 2560 × 1440 px (60 Hz). The panel has a brightness of 300 rivets, a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, a Delta E ≤ 2 factor and a viewing angle of 178 degrees in each direction.

As for a pure photo / video monitor, it covers 99 percent. Adobe RGB gamut, as well as 100% Adobe sRGB. For this we have a 97% coverage of the DCI P3 gamut, which is not SW2700PT. There is also the possibility of hardware calibration, i.e. calibration performed on the color table stored in the monitor's electronics. The manufacturer ensures that it is a 16-bit LUT. The older model supports 14-bit LUT.

For this the monitor allows quick switching between profiles, has a black and white profile, is compatible with the HDR10 standard, has a pivot function. It has two HDMI connectors, DisplayPort connector, two UBS 3.1 ports, Mini USB port and USB-C and a built-in SD card reader, and in the set we will also get a sun visor (hood). An interesting solution is the Hotkey Puck G2 controller, which allows you to quickly switch between the monitor's functions. BenQ SW270C is slightly smaller than SW2700PT, but it has a mass of 9.5 kg, or about 1.2 kg more.

BenQ SW2700C

However, in the case of monitors for photographs or graphics, the specification itself does not say everything. Their real value can be assessed only after seeing the live image and connecting the calibrator, which will measure a number of additional parameters.

The Benq SW2700PT is on the market for about three years, and you can read many tests and reviews of this monitor on the web. In general, he is praised, especially due to the price compromise. However, the biggest drawback of the SW2700PT model is the unevenness of the matrix backlight reaching even 400 Kelvin with blacks. We are talking about the difference visible to the naked eye, which should not happen in the case of a photo monitor. In SW2700C, the manufacturer has used AQCOLOR and Uniformity Technology technologies, which are to ensure not only excellent color reproduction, but also even illumination over the entire screen surface. So it looks like this is the most important difference of this monitor compared to the older model.

BenQ SW2700C - price in Poland

BenQ SW2700C was valued in Poland at PLN 3429, while the SW2700PT model can be purchased for around PLN 2,900. The difference in price is therefore visible. Looking at the specification in turn, there is almost no difference in both monitors, but the parameter of the uniformity of the backlight can be a decisive factor. If creators have managed to improve the uniformity of the matrix backlight, for less than PLN 3500 we will get a really interesting monitor for photography, graphics and movies.

The new BenQ SW2700C is a 27-inch monitor that photographers can love


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