The incognito mode in the Chrome browser is about to start working

At the end of July incognito mode in the browser is to finally start working as the company wanted. Google announces that it will fix it in Chrome 76.

Using Incognito is like putting on a big black hat with a brim, black glasses and sticking to an artificial mustache with a beard. Screams at the websites visited - hey someone trying to hide himself here. This is about to change soon.

Draconian API.

The current version of the browser has been the same problem for years. Normal mode and incognito mode differ from one another, including the FileSystem API. In the latter it is simply inactive, which allowed for quick identification of users trying to hide.

Interesting websites try to use the API and if they get an error message, they already know that someone is trying to hide from them. In Chrome 76, the problematic API is to change in a way to stop exposing us.

Google knows that some publishers will not be delighted with these changes.

Google in the blog post referenced the big white elephant standing in the center of the room with black glasses and a big hat, those who using incognito mode try to reach the content they should pay for.

Some publishers provide a certain number of articles for free on the website for free, and only the sixth, eighth or tenth hide it with a paywall. Thanks to this the reader can first look around the site and check if the style of journalism suits him and then decide whether he wants to pay the publisher for subscription. In this model, the parties have to count how many articles the visitor has already read and block them after exceeding the limit. In the new incognito mode, you will not be able to do this.

Google in a nutshell to these publishers, to either ignore people trying to bypass their paywall, because they will always find it, or just changed their strategy. The company warns that it will constantly try to patch all other holes, with the help of which you can identify people surfing the Internet under the protection of private mode. He also warns against pouring the child with the bath, as the changes introduced now will affect all users.

The premiere of Chrome 76 is announced for July 30.

The incognito mode in the Chrome browser is about to start working


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