The gallery of the best macro photos from the IGPOTY contest is a real pill of delight and inspiration

Eternally floating anemone, stunning weevil or dragonfly with wings like stained glass. Thanks to these photographs, we can get very close to the nature that surrounds us.

One of my favorite photo contests is the International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) organized by the British Royal Botanic Garden. Every year I am waiting for a huge dose of wonderful photos of flowers, landscapes, fragrant meadows and everything that we associate with spring and summer .

Part of this competition is a separate category of Macro Art , in which the jury rewards the best macro photography. It is a real feast for the eyes and a great inspiration to go out to the garden or the meadow. In June I wrote about how I got to know the secrets of macro photography from Ireneusz Walędzik . There you can find a lot of practical tips - both hardware and photographic. Among the winners of this competition from years ago we have Polish names like Joanna Stoga and Magdalena Wasiczek. This year, there were no names from our country, but there were also inspirational photographs. Here they are!

1st place: Lizzy Petereit

The title of the best macro photo went to Lizzy Petereit from the city of Bremen in Germany. Her photograph shows a great anemone (Anemone) blooming in her backyard garden.

Everything flows, wonderful flowers Anemone from my garden are apparently in motion - they constantly change their shape and structure - describes her work as an author.

For more stunning Lizzy frames, you can visit her website and the profile on Instagram .

2nd place: Richard Kubica

The second prize went to the hands of Slovak Kubica, who came from Slovakia.

This tiny beetle is in fact a "real" weevil from the Curculionidae family. I located it around 6 am in Myjava, when I was shooting in manual mode to get three separate pictures. My intention was to focus on them to improve the depth of field and sharpness - Kubica writes.

In the final gallery there were also two other photos of Kubica: one is in the group of finalists, the other is distinguished.

3rd place: Petar Sabol

The third place is the photograph of Petar Sabol from Croatia. His work presents a small flock of female (Orthetrum coerulescens), who rested at the pond. It is a species of dragonfly from the family of equisee which occurs in Europe and western part of Asia.

I was amazed by the beautiful, detailed wings of this dragonfly, especially with a transparent part of the wings, which look like a stained glass - Sabol comments his photos.

Sabol has a lot of great photographs in his portfolio, which can be seen on his website and the profile on Instagram .


Interesting photos can also be found in the group of finalists and honors.


The gallery of the best macro photos from the IGPOTY contest is a real pill of delight and inspiration


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