The discrediting of the European "GPS". Galileo does not work and no one wants to say what happened

Galileo does not work

The European satellite navigation system has been inactive for several dozen hours. If it were not for the fact that we live in a time of relative peace, it would be an absolute catastrophe.

Perhaps not everyone is aware of this, but the GPS satellite navigation system was originally built primarily for military applications. It was not until almost a decade after its launch that the US armed forces allowed civilians to use it. However, GPS remains subject to the US Air Force.

No wonder then that alternatives are being built. Although we still rely heavily on GPS, more and more emphasis is put on the use of alternative solutions. The European response to GPS is Galileo. It has been operating since December 2016. Russians have their own GLONASS system, while China has Beidou. There is only one problem: Galileo does not work, and it's been a few days.

The Galileo navigation system has stopped working. Nobody wants to say what's going on

Suspicion of the service page shows the size of the disaster. None of the 26 Galileo satellites are working correctly when the text is published for publication (two of them are in the testing phase). And although Galileo formally has the right not to act yet - the formal start of the system is planned for next year - so lasting for over a hundred hours (!) The failure has a very bad prognosis.

Galileo does not work

The European GNSS Agency does not give any comments yet. It only sent a message on its website informing interested parties about the difficulties and about the "possibility of malfunctioning". It is not difficult to imagine how such a breakdown would affect an enterprise whose vehicle fleet relies on Galileo. It would be an absolute catastrophe.

Galileo has been created since the beginning of the current millennium. The total investment amount of the European Union member states is estimated at EUR 22.2 billion. Galileo, apart from setting an alternative to US GPS, is to be used to oversee energy networks, air traffic management in the European Union and rescue. Ultimately, the system will consist of 30 satellites.

The discrediting of the European "GPS". Galileo does not work and no one wants to say what happened


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