The death of the co-founder of Bitmarket will not facilitate the investigation into one of the oldest Polish stock exchanges

The secret of the collapse of one of the most important Polish stock exchanges cryptocurrency is getting darker after death together with its co-owner.

The prosecutor's office has determined that third parties have not contributed to the death of the Bitmarket co-owner, but stipulates that he still intends to look at the matter in a multi-threaded manner.

End of .

When at the beginning of the month the users of one of the oldest Polish cryptocurrencies went to her site, they were greeted by such a message:

We regret to inform you that due to the loss of liquidity, on 08/07/2019, was forced to cease its activities. We will inform you about further steps

There was a pale fear on the stock exchange's clients. Some people kept money on it instead of in their own secure wallet. The prosecutor's office estimates that customers could have lost at least 2,300 bitcoins, or more than one hundred million zlotys.

Victims of the fall of the stock market gather on Facebook, exchange experiences, sums and plan together what's next.

Bitmarket customers will fight to regain their money, although their chances of success are rather moderate. Money stored in coins is extremely easy to hide. People who are investigated by attempts to occupy portfolios, haunt the sudden memory loss syndrome, which results in all passwords escaping from it.

End fell on customers like a bolt from heaven, but it was thundering before.

The first signs that something may be wrong appeared in June.

At the very beginning of the month, a message about the break in the operation of the exchange appeared on the forum Surprised users had to change their passwords, which was justified by changes in the law. The changes that we would like to emphasize did not require setting new passwords.

Not for everyone, however, Bitmarket's problems were a complete surprise. The day before the end of the stock exchange, IQ Partners SA announced in the report for investors of the Warsaw Stock Exchange about the risk of its closure. The message ended with the information that IQ Partners notified the District Prosecutor's Office in Olsztyn about the possibility of committing a crime.

For now, it is not known what caused the strange behavior and collapse of the stock market, although the internet is boiling down from speculation.

The owners are blaming each other.

On July 11, the day the District Prosecutor's Office in Olsztyn announced the initiation of an investigation into the unfavorable disposal of BitMarket's property, Marcin Aszkiełowicz issued a statement:

None of the people who managed the Bitmarket exchange over the years has ever embezzled Clients' funds. I am convinced of my integrity and good will and will defend her during the court proceedings.

The huge hole (...) is the result of extraordinary situations and errors in management, committed by the people actually managing the stock exchange that took place in the first two years of the exchange's operation after its acquisition from Aftermarket, min. hacking into the exchange servers, as a result of which several users and technical accounts of the stock exchange lost more than 600 BTC.

A few days later, on July 16, Tobiasz N. presented his version of the event in an interview for the portal Debate Olsztyn. It differed significantly from what his partner declared.

According to him, Aszkiełowicz has behaved strangely in recent months and tied up with people with a reputation for reputation. He talked about the fact that the partner is afraid for his life and wants to go to prison for security.

In the interview, he introduced himself as a victim of the whole situation and a person who did not realize at all what was happening in Bitmarket. He emphasized that he himself lost over PLN 1 million at the collapse of the stock exchange and intends to cooperate fully with the police to clarify the matter. He describes his involvement in the company as if he were a walking pouch with money, which was used by stock market managers Marcin Aszkiełowicz and Mariusz Sperczyński. He was supposed to learn about the fall of the exchange from Facebook.

Partners bought the stock exchange from Michał Pleban in 2015. This one also took the floor and announced that the company Kvadratco could not afford to pay the full price of Bitmarket, so over 500 bitcoins were deducted during the transfer of bitcoins from the old portfolio to the new one. One theory is that it was the money of the customers, and the hole that was created in this way has grown rapidly after record-breaking bitcoin prices and made the stock market go under.

A complicated network of companies will not help the victims.

In an interview, Tobiasz N. also draws up a complicated network of connections between Bitmarket and other companies. He himself declared that he did not understand the relationship between successive subjects and only managed to steer. Understanding them and getting information from entities scattered around the world is one of the difficult tasks waiting for the prosecution.

The official stock exchange operator is registered in Seychelles, a company with a domain and trademark in Tallinn, employees paid by a company from Poland and the platform was managed by a London company. Added to this is the rather unclear situation with IQ Partners, which took its first steps towards the takeover of the stock exchange (it bought a company from Estonia), but then withdrew from the idea. Now you are trying to unambiguously cut off Bitmarket.

Death of Tobias N.

The body of Tobias N. was found on July 25. Today, Arkadiusz Szulc, Olsztyn-Północ district prosecutor, informed PAP that the autopsy carried out showed that Tobias N. had taken his own life without the participation of third parties.

However, this is just the beginning. A team of experts was set up to help explain what actually happened. Without the help of Tobias N., solving the Bitmarker case can be even more difficult, and now you can be sure that there will be no easy tasks.

The death of the co-founder of Bitmarket will not facilitate the investigation into one of the oldest Polish stock exchanges


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