The best Polish stand-ups now available in streaming. They go like warm vodka


In the life of every eleven-year-old there is such a brutal moment that the Ani Mru Mru cabaret stops laughing. This, of course, is not a bad result, because Neonówka does not entertain even five-year-olds, but on the other hand, the question arises - what next?

For a long time I have been looking for an answer to this metaphysical question in my life, and finally I came across Hubert Urbański's roast. A group of completely anonymous people insulted the former millionaire leader. I liked it very much and I became a stand-up Poland fan.

Then he was roaming Szymon Majewski and Sebastian Rejent was born there. Despite the fact that the peak of his popularity came a few years later, Rejent, insulting Majewski, created his work of life. It was his absolutely best performance.

Now, of course, I am waiting for comments about how sorry someone is for me, that it amuses me and - obligatory - that a lawyer should not see something like that.

Then I started to follow the career of individual group members - some did not like me a lot, others very much - if I had to choose those who play with me, I would definitely recommend Antoni Syrek-Dąbrowski, Maciej Buchwald, Michał Kempę, Cezary Jurkiewicz and Bartosz Zalewski or Wojciech Fiedorczuk. With the rest I already have less on the way, but of course I encourage myself to explore.

Stand-up like a podcast

There will be an excellent opportunity for this because a popular formation associating the above and their colleagues "went on streaming". If you are a fan of podcasts, more or less in this form you will be able to find individual comedy materials, in addition divided into "songs". If the topic is completely new to you, I recommend "August" from Syrek-Dąbrowski for a good start. Let me even put embed into the introduction, because Spotify first directs to the song COMA band, which we would not want.

Of course you do not have to limit yourself to Spotify and if for some reason you prefer Tidal, Deezer, Plus Music, Apple Music, Akazoo, iTunes or Google Play, then these materials are also there (in the last two cases - for a fee, not a subscription).

Enters like hot vodka

Stand-up on streaming enters like hot vodka. Contrary to the popular myth, warm vodka is still great entertainment, but the better is chilled. Without the picture, we lose some nuances, facial expressions, contact with the comedian - in my opinion, the stand-up given above is, after all, a very compromise solution.

For example, I can not imagine Rafał Paczesia who did not belong to this group (I discovered a guy a couple of years ago, when he had 3,000 plays on YouTuba, and now he's making a great career, I'm driving Bentleyami and filling in a Katowice saucer) without a picture. Well, if you do not have what you like ...

The best Polish stand-ups now available in streaming. They go like warm vodka


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