The accountant was right again - Apple is not just an iPhone anymore

He is not a marketing guru, he does not grab crowds with charismatic speeches, and during his tenure no new product was created that would change the world. And yet again, he made the financial of his company's pivot. Whatever you say about him, Apple's boss, Tim Cook, is an outstanding financial strategist.

Only a year ago, it seemed that Apple had a gigantic problem. Apple's business was over 65 percent. dependent on the iPhone. The sale of iPhones, however, dropped sharply, which reflected not only on current results, but also on the climate around the American company, which - as we know - nowadays defines the valuation of the organization's value.

For many companies such a situation would be a kiss of death, not to mention such a powerful financial colossus as Apple from over 50 billion dollars. quarterly revenues. Tim Cook, however, financially defended Apple again. Again, let us remind you that the company left by Steve Jobs in 2011 was not in a very good financial condition. It was Cook who led her to the financial stratosphere in 2011-2015. Today, he defended it against the effects of the iPhone's downturn sales.

This is a great and historical thing.

apple iphone results 2019

For the first time since time immemorial, the iPhone accounts for less than 50 percent. Apple's revenues, and the total turnover of the company has not only dropped, which is even the highest in history (for a given quarter of the year). In the period April - June 2019, Apple generated 53.8 billion dollars. That's 1 percent. more than a year earlier.

This means that again weaker sales of the iPhone - there was a drop in revenues by over $ 3 billion. - we managed to defend significantly higher inflows from other sources, mainly from the segment of services and sales of other devices, mainly Apple Watch and AirPods. And today the iPhone accounts for 48 percent. Apple's business, or 2 percent. less than a total: services, Mac, iPad and wearable items and accessories.

Of course, it's hard to say that suddenly the iPhone has stopped being important for Apple. It is not so. The majority of the sale of services and garments are connected with the iPhone. Without it, without a huge base of active users of Apple's smartphone, there would be no gains in other categories. Nevertheless, the change in Apple's revenue structure is noteworthy.

Anyway, it can be assumed that the problems with falling revenues and profits Apple is probably behind him.

If today the services and other products related to the iPhone compensate for the weaker sale of the iPhone itself, in the near future it will only get better. In the end, Apple is just starting seriously with the services. In a moment, iCloud, Apple Music, or Apple Pay will join Apple's credit card, Apple Arcade (mobile games for subscription) or Apple TV +. Already today 420 million people in the world pay for Apple's services. It is a capital that no other technology company has, including the leaders of the video streaming market (Netflix, HBO) or music streaming (Spotify).

The accountant was right again - Apple is not just an iPhone anymore


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