That no one has ever thought of it before. This Android TV pod is also a decent soundbar

jbl link bar soundbar from android tv

Buying an Apple TV or dongle from Android TV is still a good idea to extend the life of our old TV. The problem is that these devices do not do anything. Well, unless they come from the JBL's stable.

It's interesting that nobody has ever thought of it yet. Maybe it's related to Google's license policy on Android TV, but this system has so far been virtually missing anywhere from TVs and smart TV sets. Apparently he did not have to - after all, we buy such an adapter to gain access to applications that we do not have access to on the TV, the mission is successful - but we can use the HDMI port much better. Especially if it is HDMI ARC.

JBL came up with the ingenious idea of ​​closing the Android TV snap in the soundbars. In the middle there is Android TV Oreo (the producer is silent on the subject of the update, though Android TV Pie has yet to hit the device), and besides, it is quite a decent soundbar. I'm guessing the technical parameters and at least the bearable reputation of JBL itself. We even mention the external sound system less often than the television itself. So if JBL does not fail and update his product regularly, it's a great product idea.

What can JBL Link Bar, Android TV soundbar do?

jbl link bar soundbar from android tv

Soundbar users will gain full access to Google multimedia solutions. So here we are talking not only about applications from the Play Store, but also about Chromecast format support (audio and video) and the Google Assistant listening to us. The microphone array on which the latter is based can be switched off by hardware on request.

The Soundbar offers "up to 100 W" of power in stereo. It is equipped with three HDMI inputs and one output with ARC support. To the game you can optionally buy a subwoofer, which I would recommend to all those who do not mind the living room - the sound of movies and games will change significantly in favor. The device does not, of course, support Dolby Atmos or DTS: X and generally should be treated as a significant upgrade of the sound system on the TV and not the entrance to the home cinema. Which, after all, is not a bad thing considering the price of the device and the sound support. Its maximum supported resolution is a 24-bit 96-kilo stream.

The Polish JBL website is not yet listing the price next to it, but that the soundbar is entering the market in Europe, is now available in the British store - at a price of 350 pounds.

That no one has ever thought of it before. This Android TV pod is also a decent soundbar


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