So new LG TVs use artificial intelligence. It s comfortable

LG this year boast of a wide implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in the TV sets it offers. There is a good reason. WebOS is at the moment one of the leaders when it comes to the convenience of using the receiver.

WebOS is an operating system developed by LG for smart TVs. Almost from the very beginning, it was designed primarily for convenience of use. And although his beginnings were not without a few stumbles, today is one of the most pleasant to use platforms of this type.

It was webOS that was one of the first to launch a trend for the uncomplicated, minimalistic, non-concealing content of the Smart TV interface. It is also currently the only platform of this type that supports commands issued in free speech in Polish. Its creators, fortunately, do not rest on their laurels.

Intelligent image and sound processing on LG TVs.

The most important novelty seems to be the addition of image and sound processing by the mechanisms of artificial intelligence. This is a topic interesting enough that we decided to devote a separate text to it . For the sake of success, however, it is worth remembering what it really is.

lg televisions and convenience of use

LG TVs for 2019 will, at our request, use artificial intelligence mechanisms to enrich imperfect audio and video. The receivers are able to intelligently correct imperfections of the image by dynamically analyzing it and applying appropriate corrections. They are also able to adapt the image characteristics to the lighting currently prevailing in our living room, and also cleverly enrich the sound of the sound, providing the illusion of having a 5.1 home theater.

But this is not the end. LG TVs themselves will tell us what we want to see now.

If we agree, the webOS system will record what we see in individual applications. In other words, it will record the history of movies and series that we have included in particular VoD applications. People who are concerned about the violation of privacy by such registers can of course turn this off. However, these data are not used for nefarious purposes, but in order to offer us something new to look at.

lg televisions and convenience of use

The moment we call the main webOS menu and move the cursor over the VoD applications, the system will display to us in the top row a mix of titles, which will include both the positions we've watched - for example, unfinished episodes of the series - and completely new items that they may appeal to us, because they are somehow similar to those already watched. There is only one catch: VoD applications must support this new feature in webOS. Fortunately, many of them use the appropriate API, so the choice is quite wide.

Smart LG TV in a smart home.

The second new is a completely new, dedicated to the use of smart home panel devices. It is true that he does not have much in common with artificial intelligence, but he is definitely worth mentioning. This panel - named in the interface as the Home Panel - displays all our smart home devices on a readable board. Both those compliant with the LG ThinQ standard as well as those using open communication standards.

lg televisions and convenience of use

We can use it to control the multimedia players and network drives connected to our network, if you have not yet invested in modern, intelligent home appliances. If, however, you already have one, the Home Panel in the new webOS can help us check the status of the laundry and get a notification how the washing machine will end. We can see on the TV screen who is knocking at us, or who is at the gate, if we have an appropriate monitoring system. We can turn on and off the light or dim it, change its color, see if the fridge cools well. And all this without moving from the couch. And let's not forget that this year's OLED TV and NanoCell TV will soon be available in the form of software updates support for Apple HomeKit and AirPlay 2 standards.

ThinQ voice control system. Because we can not wait for the Polish Google Assistant and Alexy on televisions.

One of the important new features of webOS for this year is its deeper integration with Alex's services and Google Assistant. Unfortunately, this is not very interesting news for Poles. Alexa is available in our country, but does not understand Polish. The Google assistant, for the moment being available only on phones and tablets, does not activate on the TV. LG, fortunately, has been developing its own speech intelligence system using artificial intelligence for a long time. It's called ThinQ.

lg nanocell tv sm8600 review

It is distinguished not only by the understanding of voice commands, but also by the use of natural speech. This means that we do not have to learn the commands defined by the manufacturer to achieve the desired effect. An example of such a command? Get stuck when the movie ends . ThinQ will come to the conclusion that we are watching (example) channel number 7. He will check what television is on channel 7 and what currently emits. Reads from the TV show that the broadcast movie will end for these exemplary 67 minutes. So set the timer accordingly to turn off the equipment. We do not have to choose vocabulary carefully. " It's too loud" or " lower the sound" is synonymous with ThinQ.

This is not the end.

IS algorithms tend to become better and better by nature. This means, first of all, that the more we use additional features of the webOS system, the better the television will adapt to our needs. Secondly, LG has a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to updating its services with various improvements. It should be expected that subsequent software updates will ensure even better system performance and - who knows - further, useful functions using artificial intelligence algorithms.

* The text was created in cooperation with the LG brand.

So new LG TVs use artificial intelligence. It's comfortable


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