Searching in Google Images from today will be much easier. The Google lens is now available to everyone

The Google lens is now available in Poland. This is a new feature that can analyze photos and search for specific items that will find them.

For some time, searching for photos in Google Images has been quite difficult. Until recently, you could search for a photo and then choose the "search for similar images" option. I have used this feature many times, but it is not officially supported anymore. However, we can still search based on the photos we will import into the search engine.

If you also missed searching for similar images, Google now has something for you. Google's lens is a newer, much more perfect version of the search engine.

Now the Google Image search engine is entering a new level with Google's lens.

Google's lens is a new feature available in the mobile version of the Google Image search engine, as well as in the Google app. The lens can search for objects in the pictures.

How does it work in practice? Let's assume that we are looking for inspiration for the living room decor and look for examples of decor in Google Graphics. We get a photo, which we liked a coffee table. We can now choose the new "Google Lens" button and then mark the table we like on the picture. Google will provide us with search results based solely on the selected table. Thanks to this, even without knowing the name or the manufacturer of the furniture, we can get to know more information about it immediately.

The new function will facilitate, among others shopping and searching for specific objects in the pictures.

By default, Google's lens selects the element from the photo on which it will focus, but we can change the object to interest. In some cases, Google recognizes objects and suggests what you can search for. In other cases, we have to draw a frame around the object that interested us.

The system is not perfect and does not always work well with recognizing elements in the pictures. Over time, however, it will work better and better.

The novelty has just been implemented globally, including in Poland. As the Google Lens work directly in the browser, you can run it on any mobile device, both on Android and iOS. You do not have to update anything, the new version should be visible to every user. The lens will not be introduced to the desktop search engine for now.

Searching in Google Images from today will be much easier. The Google lens is now available to everyone


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