Samsung Galaxy S10e for 2044 PLN and iPhones discounted by more than 20 percent. On Amazon Prime Day

Photo: Marcin Połowianiuk

Attention, today is a very good time to buy a new smartphone. And this is due to great promotions on the German Amazon , next to which it is difficult to pass by indifferently.

Remember also that during shopping you do not have to fight German. offers Polish translation. In addition, if the total value of our purchases exceeds EUR 39, we will not pay anything for the shipment. Live, do not die. As Marcin rightly pointed out in the text about the best promotions for players , it is worth remembering that the EUR / PLN exchange rate used by the German branch of the Amazon is not very favorable.

Therefore, it is best if we make a transfer from a foreign currency account. For example, with Revoluta. In addition, Germany has lower VAT (19 vs. Polish 23%), so the final price of goods purchased by a Polish customer will be slightly higher. Fortunately, this difference is so small that shopping still pays off.

Amazon Prime Day: smartphones worth being interested in.

Let's start with Apple. You can buy an XR 64 GB with a white case for just under PLN 3000. Not counting the cheapest offers from the Polish Allegro (which most offer exhibition specimens), buying XR, we will save over PLN 450.

Of all the discounted Apple smartphones , the XR seems to be the biggest opportunity. XS-y (including the Max version) seem to be discounted, but even after a price reduction, the price does not seem to be overly lowered. If you are not interested in Apple smartphones, then it is worth to look at cheaper accessories. Such a multi-port adapter from USB-C to digital AV costs almost twice cheaper than normal.

Promotions for Android smartphones at Amazon Prime Day

I will not be original and start with the Samsung Galaxy S10e version with 128 GB of memory. ext. and in the black color of the housing. We will pay about PLN 2050 for it. I have not been able to find a cheaper offer anywhere, on the brand new S10e in this version, so I recommend with a clear conscience.

Sony also prepared a nice promotion. For the Sony Xperia 1 set with Sony WH-1000XM3 cordless headphones we will pay about PLN 4300. Maybe Xperia is not the best smartphone with Android, but deciding to buy it, almost for a song we will get one of the best wireless headphones with active noise reduction. It's worth considering.

Fans of mobile games may, in turn, consider buying a Razer Phone 2 for just under PLN 1,800.

Equally cheap, you can buy OnePlus 6 . For the version with 256 GB of memory. ext. we will pay slightly above PLN 1700. I must admit that I am considering purchasing myself.

It is a pity that the Huawei and Honor brands have not caught on such drastic cuts. Well, that's by the way.

Remember to register at Amazon Audible before shopping.

Thanks to this, the price of all offers can be additionally reduced by 10 euros. To do this, you need to sign up for a free, 30-day Amazon Audible trial with your Amazon Prime account. If you do not have an account on Amazon Prime, you can set them up as part of a 30-day trial version. And if you have already used this option, you can pay an access week for 0.99 euros. By registering at Amazon Audible from an active Amazon Prime account, you will receive a coupon of 10 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S10e for 2044 PLN and iPhones discounted by more than 20 percent. On Amazon Prime Day


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