RED Hydrogen Two announced. The conclusions from the failure of one were drawn

RED Hydrogen One was supposed to be a breakthrough smartphone from filmmakers for filmmakers. It turned out to be a big dud. RED completely changes its strategy and announces the new Hydrogen Two smartphone, which is created from scratch.

It's not enough to be one of the best camera manufacturers in the world to make a good smartphone filming. The smartphone market is so developed and there is so much competition on it that you can not get on with it.

RED, the giant of the video world, found out about it. The RED Hydrogen One smartphone was one big misfire. It started with the release date several times, which resulted in obsolete components when the smartphone finally appeared on the market. Then RED was not able to provide aluminum (cheaper) versions of the smartphone, and only titanium versions were available for sale.

The icing on the cake, however, was the resignation of the flagship RED smartphone distinguishing feature, i.e. modules. It was these additional components that were supposed to expand the film capabilities of the smartphone. We were to see modules with better optics and larger matrices. None of this, RED quietly removed any traces of modules from his side .

Despite all these defeats, RED announces work on Hydrogen Two. And blames the Chinese.

On the RED forum, an entry appeared in which James Jannard, the company's designer, explains the failure of Hydrogen One and simultaneously announces work on Hydrogen Two, the second smartphone brand.

Jannard blames the Chinese producer for the problems of the first project. RED, as there are no means to produce smartphones within its structures, he commissioned a project from a Chinese company not mentioned by name, presented as ODM (original device manufacturer). The production, in turn, took place at Foxconn factories, for which RED has no objections.

However, reservations were made to the ODM, which was to lead the RED, for the nose, promising things that were not technically feasible. This was the fate of the modules. What's more, ODM was unable to react quickly to changes and problems that required immediate response.

A completely different manufacturer has been hired to work on RED Hydrogen Two, which is to fulfill its task this time. The smartphone is built completely from scratch. Jannard assures that this time modules will be created, compatible with the second and the first Hydrogen smartphone. The modules will contain their own film dies.

The first impression can be made only once.

RED Hydrogen Two can and will be a successful smartphone with interesting video capabilities, but I do not believe that the project will change the market of small cameras. Before the premiere of Hydrogen One, I expected that a new hand will await us that a pocket camera with high quality recordings will finally come true.

RED showed that the smartphone market surpassed it. As you can see, you can not transfer the experience from the market of professional cameras to the smartphone market. These are two completely contradictory, governed by separate laws, segments. In the mobile world, the most innovation in the field of imaging comes from mobile companies, not from producers of cameras or cameras. Big dies and bright lenses on smartphones are not enough. The idea and the software are also important here, and you need experience.

RED Hydrogen Two announced. The conclusions from the failure of one were drawn


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