Recyclomats are in Warsaw. You exchange the bottles for coffee or cinema tickets

As announced, the first recycling plants in Warsaw were opened. They are used for selective waste collection, for which they distribute points. They can be exchanged for coffee or cinema tickets.

Waste segregation is a cyclically recurring theme in Poland. Currently, unregistered garbage can be up to four times more expensive than segregated garbage, so people living in single-family homes are accustomed to separating paper from aluminum and glass.

On segregation theoretically segregation is also theoretically applicable to block settlements, but in practice it happens differently because it is difficult to enforce the residents to stick to the rules imposed by the cooperative or community. Residents do not want to bother with segregation, since they know that they are actually unpunished.

The general awareness of the problem, however, is growing. And if ecology is not particularly close to you, Warsaw has an idea how to encourage separate unconverted segregation.

Application, points and latte for segregation. That's how recyclers work in Warsaw,

Recycler Warsaw

For now, they are located in two locations, on pl. Bankowy and at ul. Ząbkowska. Recyclates are a joint project of the Coca-Cola company and the Nasza Ziemia foundation . The former funded the equipment and handed it to the city. By the end of the year, 10 recyclers will appear in Warsaw in such locations as the Mokotowskie field, Narutowicz square, around the Ursynów District Office, the Wilanów District Office and the Białołęcki Cultural Center.

How it's working? First, download the ETS Wallet mobile app available on Android and iOS . Before dropping the bottle or can, scan your individual code from the recycler's application. Then, we throw the raw materials into the device one by one and the same sort them out. The recycler accepts empty PET bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans. If a product is not eligible for acceptance, it will be returned by the device.

Recycler Warsaw

Then, points will be credited to our account. After collecting the appropriate number of points, you can exchange them for coffee at Costa Coffee or for discounts on cinema tickets in the Multikino network, tickets for the Dramatic Theater and discounts on performances and events at the Capitol Theater.

Such symbolic award is to encourage Warsaw residents to sort their garbage also in urban space.

Garbage should be segregated wherever possible. It's best to create a sorting habit, and a recycler is one of the elements that can help. The more so because we have symbolic rewards that can be turned into real benefits.

Raw materials obtained by recyclates are sent for processing and re-use.

the idea of ​​recycling is good, although 10 items for the whole of Warsaw are definitely too small to solve the problem of rubbish. You have to start with something. Passers-by who has the right to throw an empty bottle into a normal bin or for a recycler will probably choose the latter. Pedestrian will gain points, and plastic will have its first stage of recycling, ie segregation.

Recyclomats are in Warsaw. You exchange the bottles for coffee or cinema tickets


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