Put your friends in front of the TV and make them watch the World Hacking

The Great Hack (2019) - pictured: David Carroll

Hakowanie Świata is a film worth showing to all friends who do not know exactly what the biggest scandal of last year was about. And then you have to sit down with them and explain everything to them again.

The Great Hack tells about one of the most important scandals of recent years. It is thanks to Cambridge Analytica that thinking about, among other things, Facebook and the data we pass on to us has changed. The narrative about good social media that can be used to connect people, develop independent journalism and organize pro-democracy protests, turned out to be a beautiful conspiracy drawn by the technology companies themselves. A wreath that you can place in front of the cameras so that it covers the ugly picture of the real world.

Three stories about one very bad company.

The story is taken from the perspective of three different people exposing not only how Cambridge Analytica worked, but also trying to show the scale and consequences of its activity. The film speaks with the voice of Brittany Kaiser - a former employee and trusted company boss, David Caroll - a professor from New York who is trying to get his data from her and Carole Cadwalladr journalist Guradiana, describing the affairs associated with it.

The document reveals the impact of collecting corporation data on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and tries to prove her commitment to Brexit. It shows how a great policy is carried out in the network, presenting precise targeting mechanisms that allow tracing of unconverted individuals, determining their personality traits, determining what they will respond to best and sending a specially written message.

The film is the strongest when it allows you to speak Cambridge Analytica advertising materials for themselves. She shows that the methods she uses to influence the election coincide with those used by her mother in the war propaganda created for NATO or the Pentagon. Taken straight from the company's presentation, a short study of the elections in Trinidad is a gem that perfectly demonstrates how many innocent seemingly manners can be manipulated not only by the public, but also by the masses of voters. These moments leave no illusions - this is not just political marketing, it is something much more dangerous.

The document puts a strong thesis: our democracy is threatened by the action not only, and not primarily, of such companies as Cambridge Analytica, but mainly because of the lack of a system to protect our data and a stubborn desire to ignore the imminent threats. It is not without reason that the name of Marek Zuckerberg, a man who lives on the data transmitted by him, often falls in the film.

Along with the announcement of bankruptcy by the company Alexander Nixa, the threat has not passed. The largest companies in the world still collect our data, because a huge number of them translates into a huge number of zeros on the accounts of large corporations. It's about money. For money and power.

Too many big words, not enough small events.

You do not need to be afraid of the Netfliks movie - everyone will understand it. You do not need to be interested in technology, social media or data protection to understand what is happening on the screen. Creators like technicians, profesjolektów and jargon are avoiding like fire. The whole affair has been described in an accessible and relatively simple way. The problem is that to achieve this, the story has to be simplified to such an extent that I am not sure if it is still convincing.

The three main heroes lead us a bit different paths that do not always intersect and do not always form a coherent picture. Documenting the development of the Cambridge Analytica affair, mixes here with incentives to fight for privacy of data and portrait painting, fascinating otherwise, Brittany Kaiser.

These are all interesting threads, but the image that emerges from this kaleidoscope, loses its strength, changes into small ones. This is not about the intended ambivalence, it is a film with a strong thesis, which sounds too weak, because it does not quite reach its goal.

Data, propaganda, manipulation, everyone knows in theory what these words mean, but few people feel how much they also affect them. It is arrogant to think that you are completely immune to manipulation, it only makes manipulators' work easier. As David Corell says in the film, people do not want to admit that propaganda works. Granting it requires confronting one's susceptibility to influence, a terrible lack of privacy and a hopeless dependence on technological platforms ruining our democracy on many levels. This is one of many threads that is not developed, which is a pity.

There is no room for it, it is talking about it, how everything that happens on the screen is important. We see heroes who suddenly catch the air, getting excited about what they heard. They talk about breakthroughs, about a complete change in our perception of the industry, about bold exposures.

A lot of big words blacken the picture, which, I'm afraid, will remain a distant abstract for many people. Data manipulation has not been embedded in the life of the viewer, for him it still remains a terrible fairy tale about the wolf.

It does not mean that it is not worth seeing the World Hacking. He can shake, even people who have followed the scandal. For those who have not done so, it should be obligatory reading. The film touches upon the threads that we need to start talking about. The sooner the better.

The film is now available on Netfliksie .

Put your friends in front of the TV and make them watch the World Hacking


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