ProLGBT companies that boycott every self-respecting homophobe [FULL LIST]

The troglodyte's life is difficult.

Although the Saturday events in Bialystok could give a spark of hope that there is still a place in our part of the world for some good old homophobia, unhealthy aggression and hatred wiping the mouth with religion, unfortunately, the reality of year by year is more and more rainbow-colored. Big corporations have the audacity to load not only with their products, but also with all the disgusting tolerance, the nasty defense of the minority and - worst of all - the disagreement with the disguising that they like.

Eh people, look after the hard life of a homophobe.

Empik is just the tip of the mountain and it is not Mount Kalwaria

Earned Polish homophobe has just ceased to throw all Ikea furniture out of the house ( because rainbow bags ), and here is such a blow. Empik has officially announced that it is launching a sales boycott of Gazeta Polska with the sticker "LGBT free zone". It's like a sign with the word "no pasaran" hanging out above the entrance.

Empik not for Gazeta Polska

Empik could not respect the call for discrimination, and for some of the homophobes he capped that behavior with a pink cirrus. The militants ensure that they will boycott him for punishment (unless there is a really good promotion, then they can forgive for a moment). It will no longer be possible to browse the latest edition of the Bible, listening to records with religious songs.

Empik's decision must hurt, especially since it is a company with long Polish roots, and such a homophobe already has a hard life, if he wants to boycott consistently all companies that themselves brand themselves as proLGBT.

You who are entering the 21st century, give up all hopes

More and more companies are introducing terrifying equality policies every year. The Corporate equality Index examines how corporations deal with the protection of sexual minorities and non-binary people in the workplace. The index includes such things as the same benefits for the employees' partners, regardless of whether they are in a homo or hetero relationship, the same medical care for transgender people as for others, equality training or inclusion of LGBT + persons in their advertisements.

Corporations are getting better and better. The maximum number of points is reached, among others, Apple, Amazon, Activision Blizzard, Burger King, Dell, Dropbox, eBay, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Fox (sic), Google, Hilton, Ikea (and how), L'Oreal (USA) , Levi Strauss & co., McDonalds, Netflix, Nestle, Nvidia, Sephora, Sony, TripAdvaisor, Twitter, Unilever, Visa, Whirlpool.

You have to turn a blind eye to it all, because how can you live without Mac and Netflix, and you can simply not read such reports and virtuously look away from these verses of Satanic merits, but sometimes it is not enough when this Wraithful Tolerance comes even from dedicated to the smartphone screen in the church.

Apple's boss is gay, Google promotes homosexuals in commercials, Samsung in her spots shows happy lesbians waiting for a child. At night, the homophobic part of Poland must pray for Huaweia's new operating system to make sure that they do not support the case of LGBT propaganda. A delegation representing the only legitimate sexual orientation is probably already negotiating with the delegation of the only legitimate party of the People's Republic of China.

ProLGBT companies that boycott every self-respecting homophobe [FULL LIST]


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