Police at Kruszwil and his colleagues. They came for smartphones, cameras and memory cards

The Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behaviors declared war on Marek Kruszel - well-known to YouTube viewers as Kruszwil. It looks like the center has just won the battle. This is the second victory in the war for better YouTube in Poland.

In my opinion, what he did on YouTube, Kruszwil, was dangerous. Recording guides in the style of "how to buy alcohol and cigarettes not 18 years old", irresponsible play with firecrackers and fire, video materials in which an underage person is forced to catch women behind the buttocks - this is just a sample of the work of Marek Kruszel and his colleagues.

The films were kept in a loose tone, the atmosphere was relaxed, and Kruszwil and the Cameraman were cheering for the young viewers. And it's about these young viewers. The channel was very popular among underage users who were exposed to dangerous and harmful behavior.

And I should cite here the study, which showed that Polish children were not able to understand the conventions of patostreams on YouTube. They were convinced that this is how the real life looks like. In this context, Kruszwil's and company's activities should be considered extremely toxic and destructive.

Police at Kruszwil

That is why I was relieved to hear that after Kruszwil was somehow forced to delete one channel on YouTube , youtuber had to face another blow - Marek Kruszela and his colleagues visited the police, which acted on the orders of the prosecutor.

We know that the police have come for "mobile phones, cameras, tablets, desktops and laptops, data carriers in the form of pendrive devices, CDs etc. on which there are pornographic content with minors or animals" - this is a quote from the Order on demand issue of items and searches, which was available on MZRiK Center on Facebook.

The reason for the action of the prosecutor's office and the police was a movie where a young boy was forced to catch women behind the buttocks.

I hope that all the fuss around Kruszwil will cool the ideas of Polish Youtubers. The website allows people who present a challenging, shocking and controversial attitude to achieve instant success. Unfortunately, in this way, people who promote demoralizing behaviors are often heard and popular.

YouTube is constantly struggling with the problem of children using the platform . On the one hand, it prohibits them from creating accounts - by appropriate provisions in the regulations. On the other hand, he does almost nothing when breaking the rules.

For a long time YouTube took a "wait-and-see" attitude. Somehow it will be - the video platform's hosts seemed to be careful. We now know that it was a mistake. There are many dangerous channels on YouTube that are watched by millions of children.

Police at Kruszwil and his colleagues. They came for smartphones, cameras and memory cards


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