Plus he does not have to prepare an answer to T-Mobile Magenta 1. Pink did not break the green offer

When T-Mobile Polska showed the Magenta 1 tariff, the world became overwhelmed. Even the Spider's Web headlines thundered that T-Mobile ceased to be only a mobile operator and that now it will offer more to its customers. More not only ways of accessing the Internet - optical fiber and these matters - but also more entertainment - Netflix and stuff. You understand everything a lot. I read these news, read media reviews in Poland and got stuck.

I quickly remembered how I worked at Orange. It was quite a few years ago, and then I was selling customers home internet (beginnings of faster Neostrada), mobile internet (EDGE and UMTS), telephones with subscription, additional services, some e-mails and such cases. I recall, it was some million years ago. Today, Orange has even more services in its offer. There is optical fiber, there is television, there are Orange Love packages that are very popular.

Play was affair with Showmaks, he was shooting with Tidal and he seems to be in a successful relationship with Netfliks. They also have their TV and TV BOX on offer. In addition, they offer telephone insurances, in which they cover repairs up to PLN 2,400 and have a number of other services, such as a subscription for a navigation applause, a replacement telephone for the time of repair, or Nickelodeon in Play.

Plus, however, has the most to offer together with Cyfrowy Polsat . Only in their living rooms, when I stepped inside, to see what's new from the geeky and professional duty ... I stumbled over the washing machine. Okay, I was kidding. I did not stumble. Washing machines and other household appliances have not seen in Plus's stores yet. The smartDOM program remained, as part of which Plus offers not only a mobile phone, mobile internet, home internet in fixed and mobile technology, and television.

Everyone has it. It's just that Plus also has satellite TV, which is often the only option to access mass of channels for people living outside of cities. On the other hand, for urban residents, the offer includes optical fiber with IP TV Cyfrowy Polsat, that is a full TV package available via the Internet connection.

Now, in the offer of Cyfrowy Polsat, there is an OTT television compatible with any internet provider. Regardless of whether it is a plate, IP TV or OTT, the user also gets access to CP GO application, which on the one hand acts as the proprietary VOD rental company, and on the other hand it allows watching purchased TV channels and VOD content, eg HBO library on mobile devices.

In my opinion, no one has such advanced TV services. IP TV and OTT Cyfrowy Polsat allow non-linear consumption of video content - we do not have to watch what happens on TV. Thanks to the Catch Up function, you can pause, undo and rewind and watch programs up to 7 days back.

With such functions, television acts as a streaming service

And if we are already in the streaming, you do not need to buy a TV package to have access to this type of content. In Plus's telephone and Internet subscriptions, customers can choose additional services in the form of HBO GO with productions such as Game of Thrones, Chernobyl or Watahy and IPLI.

It should be remembered that there is not one package under IPLA, and several packages. The basic IPLA Plus is free for Plus customers. There are 12 sports channels at IPLA SPORT - from Polsat Sport HD, through Polsat Sport Extra, to Eurosport 1 and 2 HD. There is also IPLA Eleven Sports with Spanish, Italian and German leagues as well as IPLA Polsat Sport Premium with the Champions League and the Europa League live. In turn, if someone does not like serials and sports, and prefers music to choose from, they are widely known TIDAL and addressed to fans of Polish performers of Plus Music.

Competition will have to be a lot of critics to break through such a rich and diverse offer.

Plus he does not have to prepare an answer to T-Mobile Magenta 1. Pink did not break the green offer


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