Outlook with night mode on Android, iOS and iPadOS. Finally!

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We had to wait long enough for the dark theme of the interface in Outlook. And ... we'll wait a little more. Fortunately, we have confirmation that Microsoft is working on it at all.

Outlook has had quite an unexpected success on iOS and Android platforms. Rarely do applications that replicate the features of those preinstalled on a given device enjoy greater popularity - and in particular for such allegedly archaic uses such as email and calendar - meanwhile, Microsoft's Outlook has succeeded. This is a very popular program, not just for your category.

Popular, however, does not mean perfect. The application for e-mails and calendar from Microsoft still has not seen such an important dark interface theme. That is, it has been present for some time on Windows, macOS and in the web version - unfortunately users and Devices and those with Android have to get away with the taste for now.

Outlook for iOS and Android - this is how the dark theme of the interface looks like.

The authenticity of the above screen shots was confirmed by Zac Bowden from Windows Central. You can enable the dark theme manually. You will see both a dedicated button immediately after clicking the Menu button and the appropriate option in the application settings. The Android version will also be able to automatically enable a dark theme at our request when the battery charge reaches a very low level.

Unfortunately, we do not know yet whether Outlook will be able to automatically switch between the dark and light theme when we change the theme in the settings of the operating system itself (this is one of the important news in Apple and Google systems). Microsoft, however, so far tried to keep up with the latest news in Android and iOS / iPadOS, so I would expect that Outlook can handle it.

Outlook with night mode on Android, iOS and iPadOS. Finally!


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