Our dreams of Polish Apple are over. GoClever will wash off the market, there will be no more service

I really wanted to start this text with the words - "GoClever bankruptcy, which has been talked about for a long time, has become a fact", but it is not true, because it was completely said.

GoClever celebrated fans of technology much less than last year's snow. I am ashamed to admit that once I considered their phones to be "even interesting" and I recommended them to two colleagues as "not too good, but at least very cheap". Both of them tasted 299 zlotys, but after half a year the devices were in a state of complete devastation. They cried not only from falling to the floor, but also from looking at it. They were GoClever Quantum 4.

It is fair to say that GoClever was more or less the same Polish manufacturer of phones / tablets and other gadgets, as Emmanuel Olisadebe is a Polish footballer. Well, we all want to believe it, but something is not here.

GoClever, as indeed all "Polish" electronics producers, without any excessive interference in the production and design process (what Apple would defend with similar charge), gave his brand cheap devices produced in China. And it was a model that worked for a while, reaching a client who was not well-off, little-oriented (in a shopping mall) or - on the contrary - a conscious consumer who was looking for efficiency without subsidizing the brand. Though it was different of course.

I remember one operator hitting my grandfather's tablet GoClever with my grandfather. It was not a device from the top shelf, but I saw stones that would react to the touch in a more interactive way.

"Polish" smartphones had their brief moment of popularity, and then the Chinese realized that they can create their own brands. And this is how a short patriotic upheaval in the industry was carried out by Xiaomi, targeting the cheap and good segment. For the first time, the good was really good, and not just such a delusion through the prism of saved money.

I look at the Spider's Web archives for GoClever, they fought to the very end, but it had to end this way. According to a message posted on the manufacturer's website can be presumed that the trustee in bankruptcy was Krzysztof Kononowicz - there will be nothing. Neither new phones nor even warranty service. What about devices that have been sent in the meantime?

Products that have been repaired before the bankruptcy date will be immediately sent back to customers in the coming days. However, products that have not been repaired will be returned to the owners without repair, however, the owners of these products have the opportunity to submit their claims in the claim submission stating the value of claims in PLN (the cost of repairing the product) by sending a notification within 30 days from the notification of bankruptcy in Monitor Judicial and Economic. The announcement has not been published yet. Notification of this fact will be posted on the Company's website immediately after the announcement of the MSiG. For more details about the service, call 61 646 02 50 (Monday to Friday between 10 and 15).

Our dreams of Polish Apple are over. GoClever will wash off the market, it will not even be a service anymore


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