Number of day: PLN 19 billion. Facebook got a penalty. It is record-high and too small at the same time

Facebook will have to pay a small 5 billion dollars. fines for the Cambridge Analytica affair. This is a record high, but what if it is too low anyway.

Facebook beats more records. The heads of the company (a gold medal in the category of cynicism , silver for recklessness and a whole showcase of trophies for bad practices ) were appreciated by the Federal Trade Commission in Germany. According to anonymous sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company must pay a fine of $ 5 billion.

Cambridge Analytica was like opening your eyes to many people

The Cambridge Analytica affair was a turning point. After her, people and the media began to look much less favorably at Facebook . It was in her that Mark Zuckerberg's company became an example of the subject matter of treating their users and the nonchalant approach to their data and their privacy. Facebook could have had a lot of ears before, but it was a drop that spilled the cup. More and more people began to speak out loud about the division of the company, the need to regulate the management of data on the Internet and the responsibility of technological giants. The optics have changed, a new era has begun.

It all started innocently. A seemingly simple personality test application collected data not only of users participating in it, but also of their friends who did not agree to anything like that. Although the participation took only slightly over 300,000 in the quiz people, the application has downloaded data of 87 million people. This information was then at least partly used by Cambridge Analytica to target a political and dirty election war.

The FTC was to check that Facebook did not violate the principle in which the name of users must agree that someone gets their data. The committee's proposals were rather predictable. Although 5 billion dollars. will be the highest fine ever awarded by the commission for breaking the rules of privacy protection, many people think that this sum is not enough.

$ 5 billion that's what the entire 500 plus program costs

$ 5 billion Penalties can make an impression in Poland. In the end, it is only slightly less than the Polish government wants to spend on the 500 plus program and more or less as much as the president of Warsaw has for the expenses in 2019 .

For us, it's a lot of money, but for a technological giant it's a budget that complements the supplies of cotton swabs in the company's bathrooms. In the first three months of 2019, Facebook's revenue was $ 15 billion. That's only one third of this sum. After the leaked amount of the penalty, Facebook shares increased.

Many critics emphasize that this fine is simply too small for the company to seriously worry about it. However, it is not her and her height that are the most important here, but the recommendations that will accompany her. Increasingly, even in the United States, there is talk of introducing provisions that would protect users and their data against abuse. If nothing comes of these discussions , and in time they will fade, Cambridge Analytica will be only the loudest hood in the history of the technological giant.

Number of day: PLN 19 billion. Facebook got a penalty. It is record-high and too small at the same time


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