Now you can buy the new Amazfit GTR for much less than you imagine

This week, the Chinese company Huami, famous especially for manufacturing the successful Xiaomi Mi Band, presented its new Amazfit GTR smart watch. A new smartwatch characterized by its elegant design or combining high quality materials , as well as very complete functionalities.

The best part is that you can buy it for much less than what you imagine through Gearbest . We speak of only 134 euros , about 150 US dollars , an attractive price that makes it one of the most economical options within the smartwatch of quality and spectacular design. Specifically, the model that Gearbest has put on sale from this link is about 47mm , the most complete and best materials. If you still do not know everything that this new model offers, we tell you all its features below.

What does the new Amazfit GTR offer us?

The new Amazfit GTR comes in two variants, one of 42mm than a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 390 × 390 pixels and a density of 326ppi . Likewise, the 47mm version has an AMOLED retina of 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454 × 454 pixels and the same density of 326ppi . Both models have third-generation Corning Gorilla Flass protection.

Amazfit GTR, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

In addition to differentiating in the size of its screen and type of panel, each model of the Amazfit GTR is manufactured in different materials. The 42mm version is made of an aerospace aluminum alloy body , available in four colors: Starry Black, Cherry Blossom, Moonlight White and Coral Red. Its size is 42.6 × 42.6 × 9.2mm

Amazfit GTR, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

For its part, the Amazfit GTR 47mm combines higher quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or even titanium . In this way, a much stronger and lighter structure is achieved. Its size is 47.2 × 47.2 × 10.75mm .

The bevel of both models is made of high hardness micro-crystalline zirconium ceramic materials , thus minimizing the scratches produced with daily use. Similarly, the 47mm version is available in an exclusive version that has been embedded with 60 Swarovski crystals in its bezel. This same version will also have an edition in collaboration with Marvel, decorated with Iron Man motifs.

Main characteristics

Both models of the Amazfit GTR are submersible resisting a pressure of 5ATM, that is, we can use them without any problem in a depth of up to 50 meters . Likewise, this new smartwatch has a double function of positioning GPS + GLONASS , barometer with altitude meter and BioTracker PPG technology that allows us to monitor in a precise and uninterrupted way the heart rate during 24 hours a day.

Amazfit GTR, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News Amazfit GTR, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News Amazfit GTR, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

In the software section we find 12 sports modes that range from the most typical such as running to sports activities such as skiing or swimming. In addition, Amazfit GTR will show on your screen notifications received on our smartphone, incoming calls, as well as various music controls, stopwatch, etc.

Amazfit GTR also supports NFC functionality , allowing us to use the watch as if it were a bank card. It is also compatible with Alipay , a payment method that is currently only present in several cities in China.

Amazfit GTR, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

Up to 74 days of autonomy

Finally, as far as the battery is concerned, the 47mm model offers a long life of up to 74 hours with conventional use of the watch . If we use GPS, NFC and heart sensor technology with average use, your battery will be reduced to 24 days . Instead, we make intensive use of GPS and cardiac monitoring during 24 hours , its autonomy will not exceed 40 hours.

For its part, the 42mm model of the Amazfit GTR guarantees a total of 34 days with a conventional use of the watch . On the other hand, if we make an average use of all its functions, we will spend up to 12 days or a maximum of 22 hours if we use GPS and continuous cardiac monitoring intensively.

Where to buy it at the best price?

Remember that you can buy this fantastic smartwatch from just 134 euros , about 150 dollars a change. To do this you only have to access from this link to the online store Gearbest, one of the most recognized and reliable network.

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