More and more Poles do not feel obliged to pay debts. An exception are online borrowers

There are more than PLN 76 billion of outstanding liabilities on the accounts of Poles in debt repayment. As indicated by the Credit Information Bureau and the Conference of Financial Enterprises, we feel less and less the moral obligation to repay the debt incurred. The exception are customers of online loan platforms.

Data on the indebtedness of Poles can not be optimistic. Already 2.79 million countrymen are in arrears with the repayment of their debt. But what is worse: in a few years the percentage of those who think that they do not have such a moral obligation is growing. Thus, we record an increase by 30% in three years. in terms of the number of unreliable debtors and 67 percent. more amount of arrears generated by them.

We somehow like debt incurred online more.

It turns out that this trend does not apply in the case of Poles who take advantage of online platforms when taking out a loan or a loan. According to LOANDO Group calculations every year, the number of those who pay off such arrears on time is growing. In 2016, it was 76 per cent, in 2017 it was 82 per cent, a year ago it was 83 per cent, and now the rate has stopped at 86 per cent. So in the space of three years, an increase of 10 percent was recorded in this respect.

Such a large gap in repayment between borrowers in lendtechs and traditional institutions probably results from another consumer profile that each group has. Borrowers in fintechach are often people who use subscription services, so they are accustomed to quick payment of debts. It is also worth noting that online loans are usually used for consumer purposes. These are small amounts that are easier to pay off immediately - comments Krzysztof Przybysz, CEO of LOANDO Group.

A new culture of borrowing is coming?

Poles who pay online more and more in this respect resemble a standard European. Eurostat has already examined the inhabitants of the 28 Member States. It turns out that the ratio of people who default on their financial obligations is 8.8 percent. and this Polish (10 percent) is getting closer to it.

According to some experts, it is proof that the culture of incurring financial obligations is slowly changing in our country. The missing link is the human mentality.

We need a thorough change in mentality, and this can be helped by the lendtech sector, whose clients are a model example of a correct attitude in paying off debts. I am convinced that this type of change in thinking will result in the disappearance of acceptance for other dishonest financial behavior, such as using someone else's identity document, in order to obtain credit or overstating the value of damages to obtain undue compensation - convinces Krzysztof Przybysz.

More and more Poles do not feel obliged to pay debts. An exception are online borrowers


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