Microsoft refreshes the Windows Calculator. Because details matter

windows calculator new

The calculator is probably the most basic usable application you can imagine. This does not mean that you can not improve it a bit. The system application with Windows 10 will recover lost features.

In fact, even the word "computer" suggests that it is a counting machine. Someone might say that the Hello World application is the simplest example that illustrates what computer programs actually are. Personally, I do not agree - Hello World does not serve anything and will not be useful. Unlike the calculator.

This one available in Windows 10 has become very useful. It converts not only simple actions, but also converts measurements and weights, and even allows you to convert monetary amounts based on current currency exchange rates. The application refreshed for the new Microsoft system, however, lost two very fundamental functions. Basically completely unrelated to the counting itself.

Refreshed Windows 10 Calculator - with always on top and compact mode.

windows calculator new

This is the current version of the Windows Calculator with a window minimally reduced - it can not be more. And so it takes a lot of space on the screen, completely unnecessarily. Meanwhile, the new version, which will soon go to beta-testers, and then to end users, will be able to look like this:

windows calculator new

This is a new compact mode that can be enabled on request (or turned off if we prefer a larger application window.) In addition, the Windows Calculator will always return to the top mode - that is, the Calculator window will always be visible, even if we indicate another application as active.

Like a bit, but not always the bills we need is a powerful tool like Excel. A system calculator is an application that I often use, as well as - I suspect - most of us. And I'd rather not look for better alternatives in the Microsoft Store, it's supposed to be a simple, always available tool at hand. The announced changes are therefore definitely welcome.

Microsoft refreshes the Windows Calculator. Because details matter


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