Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is my new favorite Pokemon - a review

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is like the Pokemon series. The Sunday players are offered a simple and enjoyable story campaign. Underneath her coat is hidden complex, huge meta with statistics, elements, dependencies and skills, which will be appreciated and mastered by a narrow percentage of committed veterans.

Comparison with Pokemon has one more dimension. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 involves collecting comic superheroes, just like nice Japanese creatures are gathered. The player enlarges the collection of heroes, which in total is in the game up to 33. By the end of the month there will be 39 of them, due to two updates - one paid, the other free. Each such superhero has unique statistics, blows, special attacks, dialogue lines and passive skills.

I do not think I need to convince anyone about collecting Marvel's heroes. Every geek wants to unlock Iron Man, Spider-Man or Thor. In this respect, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is like entering a toy store - a man's eyes are excited with excitement. An inseparable element of the campaign is the unlocking of the next characters and this is a great driving force of the game. Who will be next? What skills will he have? There is why to play.

I am very happy that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 goes beyond the characters known from the movies.

Of course, there are classic Avengeers in the game, like Captain America, Hulk or the Black Widow. An interesting variation, however, are those characters who live in the shadow of the MCU's movie empire. The presence of such (anti) heroes like Wolverine, Magneto, Ghost Rider, Venom and Daredevil is very happy. There is a Spider-verse team here, with Miles Morals and Spider-Gwen at the helm. They are X-Men. There were even representatives of the Inhumans race.

The big mistake of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was to focus only on those characters that are visible on the screen. Ultimate Alliance manufacturers do not make a similar mistake. Thanks to this, great examples of cooperation occur in the game. Spider-Man fights side by side with Wolverine. Venom helps Falcon. Deadpool covers Scarlet Witch. Yummy.

The weight of diverse characters is also a lot of team configurations. My absolute favorite is a team made of heroes able to regenerate. Wolverine, Hulk and Deadpool are able to survive the greatest destruction, playing on time and using superhuman healing abilities. Thanks to this trio (to which I joined Venom for great support) I defeated the bosses on the first time who are indicated on the Internet as being particularly difficult. Speech, among others about Dormam, or the main antagonist of Doctor Strange.

Who we choose to join the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is of fundamental importance.

Between the members of the four-person team, the invisible network of dependencies grows. The more team members have in common, the greater is the modifier of beneficial coefficients. Such as offensive strength, endurance or speed of regeneration of special blows. At a low level of difficulty, this network of connections does not matter, but it is the heart of the game on the average. Sometimes you have to give up your favorite hero in favor of one that better suits the team's composition.

For example, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Starlord together have +8 percent. for strength, forming the Galactic Guardians. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Man and Doctor Strange are jointly gaining 7 percent. more points of life, as The Defenders. Iron Man, Wasp, Hulk and Thor are the founder Avengerzy, thanks to which they get +10 to damage from energy blows. In turn, Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool and Nightcrawler deal more damage as X-Force.

Not only affiliation to the comic formations creates networks of connections. Bonuses can also be obtained for common values ​​or fighting styles. Benefits are generated, for example, by having many villains such as Venom or Thanos in the team. Masters of martial arts gain separate benefits, as well as fans of swords, katanas and other blades. A team of scientists (eg Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man etc) can count on a bonus for intelligence. The team of fibroids (eg Thor, Drax, Luke Cage, Hulk) will also be awarded. All this means that players can create a lot of really interesting configurations. Reddit is already sitting with calculators and calculating the most optimal compositions.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a paradise for Marvel fans. The creators have great fun with the convention.

During his adventure the player will visit a lot of iconic places. There is the Avenger tower, the Raft prison, the X-men's academy, parallel dimensions and much, much more. Although in many of these places we have been several times as the heroes of the games, the MUA3 producers have interesting ideas for refreshing the formula. For example, in the Mutants' academy, we run away from the speeding Juggernaut, while the Avengers tower allows us to see the epic duel of a gigantic robot and an enlarged Ant-Man (Giant-Man?). Nice that you care about such details.

What's great, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 does not exaggerate many repetitive battles with waves of enemies. In turn, unique bosses appear relatively often. Clash with them often requires the discovery of sensitive enemy punks. These types of confrontations are surprisingly well-directed, of course, as per the formula of the game. It can not be forgotten that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a hack'n'slash using a team of four. Here you can not count on a movie experience in the style of Amazing Spider-Man or Uncharted. Not this genre. Not this console.

Exactly - console. MUA3 made its debut exclusively on the Switch and uses it very well.

At any time of play, we can give Joy-Cona to a friend and play together in front of one screen. Is it from the TV in the living room, or from the Switch tablet. A cooperative game can also be played on the ad-hoc network, if the friend has his own console. You do not need an Internet connection for this. Added to this is the classic co-op multiplayer. Unfortunately, during the pre-premiere test, I never managed to connect with other players. I am afraid that this option is only possible between friends.

As a title for the Switch, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 could not look exaggerated. However, even considering the limited power of the console, the X-Men academy or Shadowland are very interesting, visually pleasing locations. The maps are covered with secrets, secret passages and treasures to find. It is a pity that loading the game is not shorter by a few seconds. This irritates especially after passing the main storyline, when it jumps between more difficult challenges in closed arenas.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 only collects the correct ratings, which is harmful to the game.

When I see an average of 70 percent, I feel a slight injustice towards the developers of this title. I feel as if the critics have defeated the campaign on the lowest level of difficulty, and then began writing reviews. A bit prematurely. MUA3 is not only a scenario that is a blend of Marvel's well-known and well-loved motifs, but also a powerful meta . The real challenges are the Infinity Raft challenges that require thinking, adjusting the team and applying specific tactics.

Infinity Raft are missions that bring the mechanics of cooperation and dependence to the absolute maximum. When one of the tasks assumes that you lose some points of your life every second, you have to put on regenerating heroes. When you have a minute to cover the boss, you put a DPS kamikaze into battle. It is only in this mode that real driving and a real challenge begin. Only one of the most interesting characters can be found in Infinity Raft. Well, let's agree - who would not want to have Loki or Thanos in the team?

The biggest advantages:

  • Wealth of form. Heroes known not only for cinema films
  • A lot of pleasant, unrefined humor
  • Creative fun with well-known locations and motifs
  • Cooperation in front of one screen (TV or tablet)
  • Well-done boss fights
  • A role-playing campaign is not the whole game
  • Min-maxing for veterans

The biggest drawbacks:

  • At an easy level, the game seems short, empty and bland
  • Galactic guards forced into the throat
  • Multiplayer with random people does not work
  • A simple location or mission wizard is missing
  • The incoming DLC ​​announce new heroes, but not new missions

Switch has received a very interesting exclusive game. The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 fits perfectly with the profile of the Japanese hybrid console. Production is not perfect, but to appreciate it and get to know it fully, you have to spend at least a dozen or so hours. That's why I think that some of the cool reviews were made a bit too fast. Without proper familiarization with everything that the game has to offer. So if you own the Switch and are looking for a change from Mario and the company, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will be a great choice.

Especially if you like Diablo or Torchlight.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is my new favorite Pokemon - a review


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