Let s summarize everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the more expensive Note 10+

samsung galaxy note 10

Unfortunately, if you are counting on the presence in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 of the latest Samsung achievements in the matter of fast charging of batteries, we have disappointing news for you. You have to pay extra.


According to findings of Ice universe, a Twitter user who has already proved his credibility more than once, the Galaxy Note 10 will not be in the basic version of fast charging with 45 W, and only 25 W. Only the more expensive charger will use only the more expensive Galaxy Note 10+ .


However, this is not the end of bad news. Even if we actually decide on a better version of the phone, we will have to pay extra for quick charging. In the box with the phone we find a charger with a capacity of 25 W. We will have to buy more efficiently - for 50 dollars. We emphasize that these are not yet official information - although they come from a reliable source.

What else do we know about Samsung Galaxy Note 10? TOP 7 of the most interesting rumors:

The Galaxy Note 10 will be available in two sizes

For the first time in the history of this product line, we will have to decide on the size of the device. Note 10 will be sold in a version with a diagonal of 6.28 "and a bit larger - 6.75". In addition to the different screen sizes, Note 10 will be divided into versions that work with 5G technology and those that will end up on LTE support.

To make matters even more complicated, smaller Note'y will be equipped with a slightly worse photographic configuration. Instead of the four lenses on the back, mounted in Note 6.s with a diagonal of 6.75, the smaller ones will get one less lens.

We know how Note 10 will look like

samsung galaxy note 10

This will not be the first unlit Galaxy Note phone


That was the plan originally, hence the rumors about the lack of buttons on the phone, Samsung, however, resigned from this. Though, unfortunately, he also gave up the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The camera in the Galaxy Note 10 with an aperture in three positions


Samsung, starting from the S9 series, can close the aperture of the main camera. Two positions are available: full hole f / 1.5 or stopping to position f / 2.4. In the first, the camera collects the most light (this is the key to good night photography) and allows blurring the background the most. In the second photo, theoretically, they should be sharper and lack some of the disadvantages of optics, which will work on a sunny day, eg in holiday photography. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is to enter the camera with three degrees of aperture opening .

Galaxy Note 10 is not the cheapest one

samsung galaxy note 10

According to the information obtained by Winfuture.de , the cheapest version of the Galaxy Note 10 with 256 GB of memory is to cost 1,000 euros. The larger version, with a plus, will cost 1150 euros. Also available are versions with 512 GB and 1024 GB of memory, but we do not know their prices yet.

Galaxy Note 10 without indentation in the screen. But with a hole

samsung galaxy note 10

One of the stores prematurely published product photos of his case for the new Samsung phone. They show that the selector camera will be in the hole on the top of the display. Speaker and fingerprint reader will be hidden directly in the display, being invisible to the user.

Note 10 will see the version supporting the 5G network

samsung galaxy note 10

Numerous mobile network operators confirmed this. However, it is not clear whether the version with the support of the latest generation of networks will go into circulation in our country.

Let's summarize everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the more expensive Note 10+


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