Konami finally bred eggs, which best demonstrates the eFootball PES 2020 demo

Some time ago I claimed that changing the name of Pro Evolution Soccer to some eFootball is stupid, but it really is a different game.

I just started the PES 2020 demo. If it were not for being a big fan of the series, I probably would not even have guessed at the first moment that this was the next edition of the Japanese series.


There is not all that Japanese kitsch and crap, as if the game was designed for the seaside machines "Ustka 1997". From the old interface, only what was quite good was left, i.e. a way to edit the composition. Gradients have come, fashionable colors, lightness.

The game, on the pitch, does not look like PES. Seems it is PES, old and good, and yet somehow you do not feel this Japanese. Well, maybe a bit, because having fun in a demo we start with some absurd camera. Konami would not be himself if he were not surprised. But after changing to the standard view of the match ... do not feel this Asian spirit. The game looks a bit like FIFA, only better. Ideally too, which was not an advantage of the PES series, the grasslands were mapped. Vibrant and realistic as in television broadcast.

This is not PES. The game is as good as always played in the PES - it charms with gameplay, it drills well, there are no patterns, average goalkeepers, but the fun is amazing.

But it's like a different game, there is no such sense ... This inferiority complex? I do not even know how to explain it, but for the first time in history I have a feeling of being in contact with a premium product, not a genius scientist who walks in broken shoes and gets under himself. As if the best PR agencies took Konami's ear and said what he was doing wrong.

Kop in crotch EA

Since the two editions of the PES series, there were no Juventus, just some counterfeiters. This is strange, because she usually plays the right to Serie A, however she did. Maybe that made Konami realize that you can get along with the clubs individually.

And they did it. They got along with Juventus exclusively, giving EA Sports a kick in the crotch that even people disinterested in football hurt. Because what about the fact that EA has a license for some 4,000 teams around the world, and Konami for about 100, if now and the catalog of both, will be full of holes, incomplete. This big and bloated FIFA with his rights will release Piemonte Calcio in Serie A.

How - for apology - some Konami.

The charms of a warfare

Good reform of the PES series in a modern direction, probably a nice gameplay (I played a few games - it was very nice to me, especially after the weaker PES 2019), and also FIFA ridicule at a low cost.

Of course Konami is still Konami, you do not sprinkle it, so for example, the compositions in the demo are out of date. Nevertheless, it's nice that they finally bred eggs.

Konami finally bred eggs, which best demonstrates the eFootball PES 2020 demo


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