Jakdojada now shows bus delays and allows you to track the vehicle before it reaches the bus stop

Jakdojade not only introduces live information about delays, but allows you to track our vehicle before it appears at the bus stop.

We all know it. We are stumbling over our own legs, we can barely catch our breath, we run so fast that the trees we pass start to blur. In the end we reach the place, we correct the glasses and start to think. According to schedule, the bus should just leave, we ran to the bus stop at the same time, but our multi-person limousine is nowhere to be seen. Is she late and will arrive soon? Has she arrived too early and we have nothing to wait for? Is the father-in-law got a gun permit and will be pissed off that I'm late again?

Jakdojade will show you in which traffic your bus is stuck and when you will be liberated from it.

Jakdojade, a popular application for planning travel and paying for tickets, will finally start to track the means of transport and show not only when they should appear in theory, but also when they will be at the bus stop in practice. Late buses and trams appearing too early will have arrival times at the bus stop and reach the destination marked in red.

Tracking, although it has also appeared, is currently limited. A bus or tram will be seen on the map in the application only when the transmitter icon is displayed in the route description. If she does not have it, we are still doomed to guess where our caroca is too.

The new function can be started just after entering the application. In the bottom right corner next to the green arrow appeared a small switch with the word live. When we touch it, a new window will open, explaining what the new function is for and how the payment options are presented. Vehicle tracking can only be run on 10 routes or permanently. In the first case, we pay by our time, watching the advertisement in the application, in the second we have to pay PLN 0.99 a month. This is not an exorbitant price.

New options are currently available in Wroclaw and Warsaw. However, I hope that they will soon be available not only to residents of large cities on the W.

Jakdojada now shows bus delays and allows you to track the vehicle before it reaches the bus stop


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