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It s no joke, Google is working on a social application again

Instead of taking the maxim Einstein asserted that it is crazy to do the same and expect other results , Google is guided by the words of another well-known figure of the twentieth century - Ups, I did it again.

Google is going to try again to create social media.

Google Shoelace will help you get to know your neighbors better.

Google will try to convince us with the help of a new social application that meeting new people in the physical world is not only not so bad, but it can be fun. In the era of transferring half of the social life of modern people to the Internet, this assumption is almost revolutionary.

In Shoelace, we can indicate what interests us, and the application will provide us with suggestions for local activities in line with our interests and show who will take part in them. If we want to organize something on our own and invite the local community to it, we will be able to add the event and share it with others. Sounds familiar, right?

All this to meet new people with whom we share interests. And that makes sense. After all, one of the most beautiful advantages of the internet is that in the physical world it is very difficult to accidentally run into another person who, like us, is interested in building replicas of torture tools from the 16th century from laces (this is what the colleague claims). Shoelace is not only to allow, but also to make it a hobby for the local people, so there is a chance that we will stay in contact with them for longer than with people whom we once met at some MeetUpie.

The indolent children of Zones 120 .

Behind Shoelace is the responsible team from Area 120 . This is a kind of incubator for Google employees, in which the project's success is not so much important, but rather the possibility of developing it. From the very beginning, the company admitted that most of the ideas implemented there would probably fail. Google's new social project suits it there. A communicator is probably being developed next to it. A similar path went to Facebook, which has recently created a team to flood the world with useless applications.

For now, Shoelace is available only to residents of New York and only those who have been invited to the application, but Google already announces that it is considering which cities to add next.

I must confess to you that there is a part of me that admires the iron determination and persistence with which Google banging its head against the wall. At the moment, there is some 10: 0 for the wall, but the technological giant is not giving up.

It's no joke, Google is working on a social application again

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